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PIONEER 2012-2013. CONTACT Amy Wagoner 816-418-7332 If you have any questions.

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2 CONTACT Amy Wagoner If you have any questions

3 WHAT IS PIONEER? Incentive program Earn up to $10,000 in bonuses Various components Certified staff Documentation


5 Instructional Coaches- $8,000

6 SUPPORT TEACHERS – Art, Music, PE, Computer, Counselors, Library Media Specialists - $8,750

7 SUPPORT TEACHERS – Speech Language Pathologists, Pull-out ELL and all SPED - $9,000

8 Math and Communication Arts teachers 1-8 and Self-Contained ELL teachers - $10,000

9 National Board Certification 20 extra PD hours $200 $2,800 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

10 Attendance Discipline Parent Conferences Parent Communication $500/ $275 $250 WRAP AROUND

11 Building Growth$2,500 BUILDING GROWTH

12 Performance Assessment (Evaluation) Student Growth Math Student Growth CA $2,000/ $1,200 $500 PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT

13 STUDENT TEACHER LINK Value-Added measure To measure student growth accurately, we need to make sure we know which students receive instruction from which teachers District submits this once a year Depending on each teacher to report it monthly through online surveys Accuracy matters Attendance records will speak for themselves Make sure you report students accurately Here’s how you will report this information

14 STUDENT TEACHER LINK In September, you’ll receive this survey. Report all students to whom you provide instruction. The next time you receive a survey, those names will be filled in like this…

15 STUDENT TEACHER LINK Each following month your students names will be listed and you will indicate whether each is in your classroom for math and/or communication arts instruction. If a student has left, you mark “Not in my classroom.” If a student is supposed to be in your class but doesn’t come to school, mark them as “in your classroom.” If a student is in your class but not listed, add him or her in the comments box.

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