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KQ 2.5 The Rural Urban Fringe

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1 KQ 2.5 The Rural Urban Fringe

2 Aims What is the rural-urban fringe?
How does it vary from [place to place? –Newcastle/Cardiff/Chester What are the impacts of the recent changes? a)On the local environment b)Wider economic issues c) Social issues including (social exclusion) d) Environmental issues eg traffic, gravel extraction and sports grounds.

3 The Rural Urban Fringe The rural-urban fringe (the area at the edge of a city) has become an increasingly popular area for economic developments. Competition for land in these areas increased significantly during the 1990s. The land is much cheaper here than in the city centre, and many factories that were once in inner city locations have moved to these areas as their previous locations lacked space for expansion. As well as industrial estates and residential use, these areas attract shopping centres, business parks and recreation facilities such as golf courses.

4 Make a copy of the diagram below

5 Retail Park with parking
Travelodge hotel Retail Park with parking Light industry/industrial parks Golf course

6 Stadiums





11 Summarising …. what-land-uses-would-you-expect-in-the-rural-urban-fringe





16 Over to you… 1. Read Geo-factsheet
2. Case study 1 – Impacts of changing land use in the RUF – Chester (I player) 3. Case study 2 – Culver House Cross.- fill in impacts table.

17 Case Study: Culverhouse Cross Cardiff

18 Your Homework 1 Using google maps make a list of land uses/businesses/sports grounds/museums and golf clubs surrounding Cardiff consider what their impacts might be. Eg – Golf club – name and then SOC/ECO/ENV impacts You will be expected to give a brief presentation on this when you get back Select three land uses and present one on each slide.

19 Your homework 2 Sheet on rural/urban perception.
Complete the following question : Make revision notes/flash cards

20 Cardiff and Newport Fieldwork …. Map Land uses - roads
- industry (P,S and T) - residential - leisure

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