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Higher Urban Edinburgh What I should know : Site & situation;

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1 Higher Urban Edinburgh What I should know : Site & situation;
The CBD – where and what ? Changes in the CBD; Inner City Change – Leith; Make a comparison between Edinburgh and an urban model; Traffic problems and solutions.

2 Edinburgh’s Site Port of Leith (trade with Europe)
Crag and Tail site …defensive. 2 deep troughs to the North and South (defensive). Gap between Pentland Hills and the Firth of Forth ( trade and travellers )

3 Edinburgh’s Functions
Commercial , legal and religious centre. Capital city , centre of Government. International /national banking,insurance & financial centre. Educational & cultural centre. Commercial / retail centre. International tourist & conference centre. Industrial centre ( although declining ).

4 Edinburgh’s CBD The old town & the new town.
Includes the Royal Mile, Princes Street ,Queen Street. As far as Holyrood Palace.

5 Edinburgh’s CBD Shops ...large chain stores e.g John Lewis, M & S ( Princes St.) Shopping Malls ....Princes Mall,St.James’s centre. Large Banks, insurance companies.( e.g Standard Life ) Government offices e.g Scottish Office , Parliament. Bus stations (St.Andrews Square) Main railway station ( Waverley) Recreation...pubs (Rose St.),Theatres (Playhouse),cinemas,hotels (Balmoral),eating places. Exclusive stores (Harvey Nics) Tourist attractions (castle, museums, Dynamic Earth)

6 Edinburgh’s CBD Taller buildings Lack of open space Most expensive land Route centre (roads and rail) Competition for land Most accessible spot Central in city

7 Edinburgh’s CBD

8 Edinburgh’s CBD Tourist info. Grid iron street pattern Lack of
Bus station Main Railway station Several Tourist attractions Tourist info. Grid iron street pattern Many churches Lack of open space Oldest part of city

9 Changes in Edinburgh’s CBD

10 Changes In Edinburgh’s CBD
Scottish Office moved to Leith. Movement of bank HQ— RBS to Hermiston Gait and HBOS to Gyle. The Gyle shopping centre built, attracting shops & customers. Bank buildings converted to pubs,restaurants etc. Covered shopping centres : Princes mall and St James centre Large expensive stores built e.g Harvey Nics. New cinema / eating complex built. Plans for underground car parks & improved shops in Princes Street. Many houses (George St, Queen St. Converted to offices). Movement of many offices out of city. Attempts to attract customers at Christmas with fair / ice rink / market

11 Changes in Edinburgh’s CBD
Converted bank New cinema complex German Market Former Scottish Offfice

12 The Gyle & Hermiston Gait
Easy access – M8 & bypass. New railway links – South Gyle and Hermiston/Edinburgh park Easy parking, room for expansion. Cheaper land. Nearness to airport

13 The Inner City Common inner city features include: Mixed land use
A high density of open space. Much waste land (e.g gap sites) Old , declining industries. Buildings of many ages & styles. Many derelict buildings. Low order shops. A declining population. A higher than average unemployment rate. On average, a lower income. Most inner cities now have urban regeneration schemes in which buildings are being modernised,converted,demolished and replaced,with gap sites being filled.

14 INNER CITY - LEITH Britannia Grid iron Scottish executive Empty docks
Now flats

15 Leith ,pre -change Port trade declined
Loss of many industries, e.g shipbuilding ;fertilisers ;distilling. Lots of derelict land / buildings. Many sustandard houses. Many empty buldings. Limited shopping facilities. A declining, and ageing population. 1960s tower blocks

16 Recent Developments in Leith
Scottish Executive Headquarters (Victoria Quay) New Expensive Flats

17 Recent Developments in Leith
Real radio station. The Ocean Terminal shopping centre. Royal Yacht Britannia. New hotels. Private Health Club ( First Generation) Large restaurants. Big events e.g Tall Ships and MTV awards. Development of passenger shipping trade. ‘Gentrification’ of old Whisky Bonds. Leith Walk – tree planting. Large stores e.g Tiso .

18 Recent Develoments in Leith

19 HAS IT WORKED ? Younger, more affluent people attracted to Leith.
Increase in daytime population. Attracted people from all over to Leith to spend their leisure time. Created an affluent dock and riverside fringe.

20 Edinburgh - past papers
2005 a) For a city you have studied, explain the ways in which its site and situation contributed to its growth. 4 b) Referring to an inner city landscape in Glasgow, or in a city you have studied , describe and explain the changes which have taken place in recent years. 5 2001 “The Central Business District of major cities undergoes continuing change.” Referring to a city that you have studied in the Developed World, explain the changes which have taken place in the CBD over the past few decades. You should refer to named locations within the CBD 5

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