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Ohio Action Coalition Update Greater Cincinnati Nurse Executives Meeting June 28, 2012.

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1 Ohio Action Coalition Update Greater Cincinnati Nurse Executives Meeting June 28, 2012

2 OAC Timeline IOM Report: Fall 2010 Champion Nursing in America (CCNA), an initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) began to recognize ACs. Action Coalitions –Charged with implementing IOM recomms. –Only 1 per state –Must be co-led by 1 nursing and 1 non-nursing representative 2 GCNEJune 28, 2012

3 OAC Timeline; Application Nursing 2015—OHA, OONE, ONA, OLN; formed 2005 ONNW—Nursing 2015 partners, plus: AARP, NEONI, GCHC, Nursing Institute of W. Central Ohio, OBN, OCADNEA, OCDD, Board of Regents, ODA Nursing 2015 and ONNW held joint meeting in July 2011 to discuss applying for AC status 3 GCNEJune 28, 2012

4 OAC Timeline; Approval July 2011: Groups decide to apply Aug. 2011: Application submitted End Sept. 2011: Ohio AC approved What does OAC status mean? –Technical support from CCNA/RWJF –Educational resources (webinars, white papers, sharing of successes/best practices, etc.) from CCNA/RWJF –No funding. However, some funding opportunities are becoming available. 4 GCNEJune 28, 2012

5 OAC Timeline; 1 st Meeting Nov. 2011: First OAC meeting –Introductory; IOM report, process to date, “on- boarding” –Began to identify areas of focus –Began discussion of structure –“Vision Team” created to make recommendations 5 GCNEJune 28, 2012

6 OAC Timeline; Focus Areas January 2012: Vision Team Met Vision Team –Created Mission Statement To revolutionize the delivery of health care for Ohio consumers through collaborative engagement and implementation of the recommendations of the IOM report. –5 Areas for OAC Focus: Nursing Education Interprofessional Collaboration Leadership and Communication Remove Scope of Practice Barriers Nursing Workforce Data/Research 6 GCNEJune 28, 2012

7 OAC Timeline; 2 nd Meeting February 2012: 2 nd OAC Meeting –Adopted Mission Statement –Adopted 5 areas for OAC focus –Small group discussion re: 5 focus areas –Structure still undetermined—Vision Team to reconvene to create Structure 7 GCNEJune 28, 2012

8 OAC Timeline; Structure April 2012: Vision Team met to develop Structure for AC –Steering Committee made up of 2 reps from each of following orgs: OHA, OONE, ONA, OLN, OBN, OCADNEA, OCDD, GCHC, NEONI, Nursing Institute of West Central Ohio, AARP (note: all groups from Nursing 2015, ONNW) –Steering Committee will: select work group co- chairs; provide general guidance/direction for OAC 8 GCNEJune 28, 2012

9 OAC Timeline; 3 rd Meeting June 21, 2012: 3 rd OAC Meeting –Education Focused; 135 participants –Pat Farmer (education expert w/ CCNA) presented 4 Models used in other states to promote BSN attainment: BSN awarded by Community Colleges Options for acceleration of RN to MSN Competency or Outcomes based curriculum Shared statewide or regional curriculum 9 GCNEJune 28, 2012

10 OAC Timeline; Next Steps June 21 OAC meeting (cont’d) –Group discussion of 4 models and what may/may not work in Ohio –Still compiling info re breakout discussions Next Steps—Steering Comm; Work Group co-chairs; Work Group meetings; outreach; compile 6/21 meeting info Get Involved! Important for nursing practice leaders to be involved. 10 GCNEJune 28, 2012

11 OAC: How to Get Involved Email OAC Co-chairs to get on mailing list –Jane Mahowald, Executive Director, Ohio League for Nursing;; –Sean McGlone, Associate General Counsel and Sr. Director of Health Policy;; 614-384-9139 Participate in a work group Just show up at meetings 11 GCNEJune 28, 2012

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