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Welcome to JA BizTown Volunteer Training. 2 Volunteer Training Goals By the end of this training, you will understand: the JA BizTown program overview.

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1 Welcome to JA BizTown Volunteer Training

2 2 Volunteer Training Goals By the end of this training, you will understand: the JA BizTown program overview. your role and responsibilities necessary for a successful JA BizTown student visit. the operation of the on-site simulation.

3 3 JA History Junior Achievement 1919 Founded 1950 Central Ohio 2005 JA Worldwide JA BizTown 2002 Opened as Exchange City 1650 students 2007 JA BizTown 9770 students Almost 50,000 5 th & 6 th graders

4 4 JA BizTown™ Curriculum  Four-week, in-class curriculum taught by the teacher  Encompasses elements of work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy  Enhances students’ core curriculum and aligned with State Standards in: Social studies Reading Writing Mathematics Career Exploration  JA BizTown curriculum, simulation and software elements represent the latest state-of-the-art thinking in experiential learning.

5 5 Curriculum  4-week In-class lessons What makes a community? Why do we need financial institutions? What do I want to be when I grow up? How do I run a business?

6 6 The JA BiztownCity  14 Businesses Each has CEO and CFO 6-7 students Takes out a Business Loan Provides goods or services Goal is to pay back the loan  Citizens are paid for working in their shops Use their $ to buy items at JA BizTown

7 7 What is Your Role? Coach your “team” Provide guidance and assistance to students. Run student staff meetings. Monitor student and business progress. Help CFO’s and students with checkbooks.

8 8

9 9 Personal Accounting

10 10 Deposit Ticket April 17 07 John Hancock 127 82 00 6 2 8 8 John Hancock

11 11 Deposit Tickets Payroll taxes were deducted from Gross Pay and is reflected on the payroll check as Net Pay. “Cash received” on Deposit Ticket is $2.00 per deposit. The net deposit amount is written on the Deposit Ticket and deposited into the checking account, not the payroll check amount!

12 12 Checkbook Register The beginning balance should be 0.00. Net deposit (payroll check minus cash out) only. Students make double entries (2 entries):  deposit column and balance column  payment column and balance column  show math work in balance column

13 13 Checkbook Register 0. 00 6 82 Deposit 14/17 6 82

14 14 Savings Account A mandatory $1.50 check is written (at school) to open personal savings account. Opening of savings account takes place on the first break. Each student pays the Savings Officer. This savings check must be recorded and subtracted on the Checkbook Register.

15 15 Savings Account JA BizTown Bank 1.50 One and 50/100- ----------------------- Savings Account

16 16 Deposit to Savings 0. 00 6 82 Deposit 14/17 Savings 6 82 1 50 5 00 4/17 Best Buy5 00 5 32 32

17 17

18 18 CFO Computer Responsibilities Pay Bills Print Employee Payroll Checks Print Business Checks Make Business Deposits Check Loan Balance Review Accounting Report

19 19  Business Costs Sheet

20 20 Pay Bills Using your mouse, click on the button marked “Pay Bills” (found on the right side of the screen). To print a check simply select the business you wish to pay and select what the payment is for. Then fill in the amount of the check. The business check will automatically fill in on the screen. The first check you write will be to the Supply Center for Supplies for $8.00

21 21 Set Up Employees Setting-Up Payroll: Looking at the right side of your computer screen, find the button labeled “Employees” and click on it using your mouse. Using the salary information found at the top of the Business Cost Sheet, enter each employee’s first and last name, enter his or her account number, and select his or her correct job title. Notice that after selecting the employee’s job title, the salary and tax amounts will auto-fill in the spaces on screen. Click on Add Employee

22 22 Before First Break: Click on the “payroll” button (found on the right side of the screen). Select pay period “1” and an employee name to complete the payroll check. Finally, click on the “Print Check” button at the bottom of the screen. Before Second Break: Print all payroll checks for pay period #2. The CEO signs the checks Print Payroll Checks

23 23 Business Checks Click on the “Pay Bills” button and follow the directions on screen to pay the amounts due. Continue to use the CFO Accounts Payable Checklist to track which bills have been paid.

24 24 Business Deposits Click on the “deposits” button and follow the on- screen directions. Complete the information requested for each check and print the business deposit ticket. Place the deposit ticket and all sales checks into your bank bag.

25 25 Accounting Report Click on the “Check Register” section (right side of the computer screen) to print the Accounting Report for your business. File it with any other business papers to be taken back to school at the end of the day.

26 26 Daily Schedule 15 minutesWelcome and Orientation 45 minutesStart Up Time – uninterrupted time for students to read/review job responsibilities, begin working 15 minutesOpening Town Meeting – Led by Mayor, CEO’s of shops selling items have opportunity to speak 20-30 minutes eachRed, Yellow, & Green 1 st Break Rotation First employee bank deposit, open savings account, lunch sessions and retail businesses open for sales 10 minutesUninterrupted staff meeting at each business 20 minutes eachRed, Yellow, & Green 2 nd Break Rotation Second employee bank deposit, shopping continues 10 minutesBusiness Clean Up 10 minutesFinal Staff Meeting Review observations/learning opportunities of the day 15 minutesClosing Town Meeting Mayor speaks, end of the day reports Dismissal

27 27 JA BizTown Day Student Welcome Meeting-15 minutes Start-up Time-45 minutes  Uninterrupted meeting time  Working time

28 28 Use Volunteer Manual script. Have CEO locate BizPrep envelope Review student checkbooks for completion of first deposit ticket, checkbook register entries, and check written for $1.50 to open Savings Account. Review students’ job responsibilities. Direct students to begin reading Job Simulations. Assign correct employee to purchase Business supplies. ($8.00) Start-up Time

29 29 Initial Work Time Students read and begin following Job Simulations. The business Loan Application and Promissory Note are taken to the Bank CEO. Retail businesses complete price-setting. Production begins.

30 30 Opening 15 Minute Meeting Mayor’s Welcome speech CEOs present overview of businesses

31 31

32 32 Break Rotation #1 Three break sessions-20 minutes each (Red, Yellow, Green) Employees make first bank deposit and open savings account with check to Bank for $1.50. $2.00 in cash is withdrawn. Lunch sessions Retail stores open for business Cafe open for business-cash only.

33 33

34 34 10 Minute Staff Meeting Prepare students for next bank deposit.  Complete Deposit Ticket.  Enter Net Deposit into Checkbook Register.  Assess business progress for the day.  Remind students to have lunch and SHOP!

35 35 Break Rotation #2 Three breaks-30 minutes each (Red, Yellow, Green) Second and final bank deposit Final shopping time Employee lunch (3 sessions)

36 36 Business Clean-Up Businesses restored to original set-up Remaining inventory organized Final Town Meeting preparation

37 37 Final Staff Meeting Business reflection Personal reflection Learning observations

38 38 Reminders  Arrive 30 minutes before the school is scheduled  Please make sure you bring your lunch.  Casual dress

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