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JA-YE Norway Trine I. Haugaard Program Manager … and EwB National coordinator.

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1 JA-YE Norway Trine I. Haugaard Program Manager … and EwB National coordinator

2 Enterprise without Borders Company Programme is basis for participating in EwB EwB is perfect for students joining year 2 of the Company programme

3 Experiences from last year Mutual starting date Website –Numbers of companies that register –Low cost vs. high cost countries Student workbook Guide: steps for the establishment of the EwB Programme

4 Success criteria – Norway Consultant/volunteer must have European/international experience Wants to share his/her experiences and guide the students School/teacher An experienced Company programme teacher that wants to “be” a EwB-teacher EwB-teacher should know the basic of international trade EwB-teacher should probably have a closer cooperation with the volunteer than in the Company programme EwB-teacher should probably have a closer cooperation with JA-YE than in the Company programme EwB-school/teacher should establish contact with other European EwB- school/teacher that could be a potential partner on a “long term” basis EwB-teacher should check the possibilities for financing an exchange field trip for his/her students to their European EwB-partner, and coordinate the trip

5 Success criteria - Norway JA-YE Norway Overall responsibility: logistics, funds, expected outcome etc. During the Pilot: concentrate on quality. Offer the program to “selected” and experienced Company Programme teachers Motivate teachers –Provide training for teachers –Share experiences and information with teachers –Close follow-up of the teachers –During the pilot phase: be a “matchmaker” between Norwegian EwB- school/teacher and European partner JA-YE-country/school/teacher What about the consultants/volunteers? –Close follow-up and training of the volunteers? Evaluate the pilot phase –Give input to JA-YE Europe Media and communications: make success-stories visible + celebrate achievements. Recognition!

6 Training Teachers (and JA-YE staff) need professional training – internationalization is difficult! Cooperation with Innovation Norway (IN) –State owned company with regional offices in Norway and in 30 countries –Provides specialist support for business inside and outside Norway on topics like internationalization, trade and customs Together with IN, we will provide –Professional training for the teachers (and JA-YE staff) –Booklet for teachers –Booklet for students (short version) –Access to INs web-based catalogue that contains updated information about export and import rules in 190 countries

7 Training Some useful Norwegian websites (in English): Innovation Norway: toppmeny/English/ toppmeny/English/ Norwegian Trade Portal: Visit Norway: Bedin:

8 Timetable - Norway Oct – Nov: Kick-off for interested teachers Nov – Dec: Registration of EwB companies on the website Dec: Training for teachers Jan – March: Cooperation period for EwB- companies April – May: Trade Fairs ? Other events?

9 Together we will make EwB a success! How do we do it together? Participating countries should have a mutual starting date Achievements (even small ones) should be celebrated and shared. Motivate! English is the essential communications language A bonus for the students: an award, a trip etc. for the first real cooperation /joint- ventures? – Something to reach for! Some improvements of the website

10 Thanks! Trine I. Haugaard JA-YE Norway

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