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HL-2A EDS (Experiment Data System) HL-2A Experiment Network HL-2A Data Acquisition The Data Processing HL-2A Display System The Data Storage System The.

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1 HL-2A EDS (Experiment Data System) HL-2A Experiment Network HL-2A Data Acquisition The Data Processing HL-2A Display System The Data Storage System The System Management Platform HL-2A High Performance Computer Outline

2 HL-2A EDS Data Acquisition RT. Processing Interact Pro. Analysis Code Image signal Engineering Diagnose Process Pulse Windows app. WEB Client Par. & Statements Image & Status Video Curves Data Backup Data Storage Task Manage. User Authority Par. Management Acquisition Display 。。。 HL-2A Experiment Data System Data Processing Exp. Visualization Data Storage System Management Others Data Management High Performance Computer

3 3 Ethernet LAN are used – data acquiring and monitoring – HL-2A experiment controlling – data processing and data analysis 1 AV (audio & video) network is used for video supervising. The Structure of The Experiment Ethernet is –a compound of star structure and multilayer structure. –all the fast applications are directly connected to the center switch in star style, and others are connected to lower level switches in multilayer style. The Experiment Ethernet reaches –all places of HL-2A experiment The nodes connected in the Experiment Ethernet are –more than 400 computers in total The implemented security measures include –dividing the network into different sections with routers and multi Ethernet adapters inserted in servers –protecting the network from attacked with hardware firewalls –mending OS and updating the virus data online automatically –powering center switches and the key servers by UPS –using optic cables as the interconnecting medium between different places –Assigning authority to users for executing the permitted functions HL-2A Experiment Network

4 The Center of HL-2A Exp. Network

5 HL-2A Experiment Data Acquisition 3 types of data are acquired, they are – pulse signal data – process signal data – image signal data There are 50 sub-systems with 1200 channels in total. The highest ADC rate is 60 MW/S The maximum quantity of data acquired per one shot is 600 MB. The data acquisition system is distributed in both logic and physics.

6 Data Acquisition sub-systems

7 HL-2A Experiment Data Processing Other data Files database Thin clients Fat clients Three Layer structure

8 HL-2A Experiment Data Processing The Data Processing is Applied to – real time data processing for display & control – interacting data processing for commonly analysis – post data processing for professional analysis Transaction servers are used to supply the pre- processed data The Functions of Data pre-processing include –arithmetic, mathematic calculation, professional analysis and digital signal processing, multi channels can be included in one processing, personal processing and multiprocessing can be defined by user selves. 3 versions of processing software are developed, –two of them are server/client structure –the third is an application based on file sharing They have been installed in more 300 PC

9 Digital Signal Processing

10 The Client Based on windows

11 Inquiring & figures display

12 Set Personal Configuration

13 The Client Based on WEB

14 Analysis App. Based on Files Sharing

15 The Center Hall of HL-2A Experiment

16 HL-2A Display System The display system is constructed by –a b ig screen in the center hall –some screens located other places –a lot of processing sub-systems –several related servers HL-2A big screen consists of – 24 50-inch display units and their accompanying adapters – a 120 inch display unit and its accompanying adapter – mutli. image capture cards – 20 color CCD cameras –~10 pan & tilt heads and the corresponding controllers –a LED screen with a dimension of 50cm high and 600cm wide –several IPC The functions of the system include –display the purpose description of the current experiment, welcome statements and some parameters –visualizing some measured signal –display the preset control curves & the actual result curves –showing plasma images, video, analyzed graphs and so on.


18 HL-2A Dada Storage System It is a multilevel storage constructed by: –data acquisition computers –online data servers –backup data servers –tape library with 8 LTO2 drivers –The data tapes placed far from the online data servers It is powered by UPS –Support data access in 24 hour per day Both the current data and the history data are online A backup system is built to save: –all kinds of files –SQL server and MY SQL database –Windows server OS & Linux server OS –system data The backup is Managed by VERITAS TM BackupExec10.0 Data access & management are supported by a series of applications developed by ourselves

19 The Storage System Structure Firewall Center switch WAN 、 EMAIL server Control PC group Router Control server WWW server Tape library System backup incremental backup Center switch Acquisition PC group Processing PC group Display PC group Message server Monitoring server History data History image Domain server Virus code Current data Data backup Current image Image backup Data Analysis

20 The System Management Platform Center Database Data acquisition Data Access Data Processing Image capturing Visualization User Authority Parameter Management Discharge Simulation Data Management Personality Configuration System Supervising

21 The main interface of the management platform

22 A Typical Interface of the Management Platform

23 HL-2A High Performance Computer 128 computing CPU 768 GFLOPS of peak performance 476 GFOLPS of Linpack benchmark performance ranks 49 TH in the top100 supercomputers of China Standard Giga Ethernet Computing LAN Computing Nodes Management LAN Fast Giga Ethernet Management Node Storage Nodes Intranet

24 HL-2A High Performance Computer

25 HL-2A EDS Sensors & Conditions DAS Data Acquisition Sensors & Conditions DAS CCD Image capture Image replay DPS1 Message server Note : DAS: Data Acquiring System DPS : Data Process Sytem Bussiness Remote data analysisLocal data analysis DPSn Parameter Data Center FAST SWITCH Data Acquisition DAS High performance computer Statement Video Supervision Curves Display Monitoring Status Parameter Display A management platform based on web More than 70 sub- systems A HPC with 768GFLOPS peak performance 3 Versions of applications for data interacting analysis 10 TB of data storage A display system with 30 M 2 of screen area 500 MB of data acquired per a shot 1200 A/D channels Heating. Assistant systems An Experiment network with 400 node PC input System manageme nt Power supply

26 Analyzed Data & Experiment Information Management Open HL-2A Data System & Remote Participation Disruption Identification and its Control Possible Collaboration Issues

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