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Soil and the Nitrogen Cycle

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1 Soil and the Nitrogen Cycle
Earth Science Lesson 6 TEKS: 3.11B, 4.11A, 5.6B

2 Recipe for Soil: Tiny pieces of weathered rock
Decaying plant and animal matter

3 Types of soils Loam Clay Sand

4 Nitrogen Gas Makes up 70% of our atmosphere Living things need it,
but cannot use it from the atmosphere.

5 The Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen in the atmosphere
Decomposers release the nitrogen back to the atmosphere Bacteria Fix the nitrogen Animals eat the plants and release waste or die. Plants take it in.

6 Decomposers Bacteria Earthworms Mushrooms Crickets Cockroaches

7 Out on the Prairie Plants are Poo Poo Coo Coo! Song by Lucas Miller

8 Vocabulary Soil: A material made up of tiny pieces of weathered rock.
Humus: decaying plant and animal material in the soil. Loam: Soil rich in nutrients that is good for plant growth. Nitrogen Cycle: The movement of nitrogen between organisms and the environment. Decomposers: organisms that break down dead materials and wastes.

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