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Restitution du groupe de travail «Financement des politiques» Rapporteur: Michael Amara.

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1 Restitution du groupe de travail «Financement des politiques» Rapporteur: Michael Amara

2 Leçons opérationnelles principales (1) Sources of funding mixed (pub, donor, OOP) Inadequate costing, budgeting: hard to secure resources, ensure sustainability Need to analyze efficiency of all health resouces (re-allocate?) Need to analyze financial burden (equity) Proper, timey disbursement requires functional gov’t systems Different (short) donor timelines make it hard to ensure sustainability

3 Leçons opérationnelles principales (2) Difficult to get funds to peripheral level (decentralization can help or make harder) Seek sustainable gov’t funding sources (Ghana 2% tax?, meet Abuja decl.) Seek additional, non-traditional funding sources (insurance, taxes) Rich better at accessing subsidies – need to address other barriers to access (transport, physical access) Supporting legislation can ensure continuity Loss of incentive systems related to cost recovery

4 Recommandations aux décideurs politiques Precede policy with broad consultation Create national health financing framework; conduct technical analysis (costing, effficiency, equity, sustainability) Enshrine policy in legislation Ensure effective public finance management system to make timely disbursements Put in place complementary incentive systems to compensate for « lost » revenues at facility level

5 Recommandations aux PTF Harmonize resources and structures to maximize efficiency and minimize burden/duplication Make funds disbursement timely and predictable Provide technical assistance and capacity building to support national health financing frameworks and address key technical analyses (costing, sustainability, efficiency, equity)

6 Priorités pour les experts Disseminate workshop lessons nationally Strenthen M and E to document impact (financing, efficiency, equity, pilots, institutionalize NHA) Build capacity for financial analysis, costing Improve documentation, technical guidance Develop framework for joint implementation and assessment Pursue legislation « firm ground » Increase gov’t leadership to harmonize within national financing framework

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