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Restitution du groupe de travail Targetting the poor Rapporteurs: Nouria Brikci.

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1 Restitution du groupe de travail Targetting the poor Rapporteurs: Nouria Brikci

2 Leçons opérationnelles principales (1) Difficult + context specific but not impossible Definition of who is poor and poorest a challenge, particularly poorest Targetting of poor (larger group) /indigent (poorest of poor) done by whom? –Central level: National level/ MoH social agents led by MoH (enquete sociale) (Mali) (Benin) – gives certificate – Benin: resources going to those less poor – BIA shows poorest not benefited. Strict criteria? Working in Ghana (identify poor at national level – consumption indicators used), not working in Burkina

3 Leçons opérationnelles principales (2) –community level Criteria: age (old, young people with no family - Chad) geographical barriers(Mali), means poverty ie no land, (Mali), disability(physical or mental) (Mali) Put in place a community group (comites de gestion) without any criteria pre-given (Burkina) – cty able to identify –- very low selection though – why? Cost recovery used – lesson: yes cty able to identify but did not identify everyone (3 per 1000 vs 5 per 100)

4 Easier to define poor at community rather than urban level Issue of stigmatisation of being identified as poor in some countries not others Management of funds to subsidise poor is an issue Leçons opérationnelles principales (3)

5 Recommandations aux décideurs politiques Any mechanism needs to be tested/ piloted before national scale up Take community into consideration as crucial to identification of the poor Ensure central level oversight of selection criteria – ie creation of working group How are the poor going to subsidised by central level? CBHI can’t so total central level subsidisation essential

6 Recommandations aux PTF/ donors Provide resources for action oriented research, research generally and M&E Provide resources to target the poor in collaboration with the state if possible/ adequate Provide technical assistance Indicators to ensure that poorest are included in supported programmes

7 Priorités pour les experts combine selection by community (gives a list) with definition of very clear criteria/ means testing (Ghana and Mali soon) done by central level ie community works as filter Poverty changes over time: list of beneficiaries must be flexible as what happens changes all the time Improvement of management and evaluation of selection methods Need to be careful how define community Systematically measure impact on poor in programme evaluation

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