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R.Leveridge An I.T Help Desk Operator What do they do?

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1 R.Leveridge An I.T Help Desk Operator What do they do?

2 R.Leveridge An I.T Helpdesk Operator or helpdesk operators provide assistance for computer users who are having difficulty with their computers. They receive, diagnose and solve most user queries by telephone.

3 R.Leveridge To be a Helpdesk operator do you need special skills? YES!!!!!

4 R.Leveridge Helpdesk operators need to have: an understanding of computer software packages and a broad understanding of computer and network hardware problem-solving and decision-making skills verbal and written communication skills for dealing with user queries.

5 R.Leveridge Not every or any body can become a Helpdesk operator YOUR ATTITUDE MIGHT BE WRONG

6 R.Leveridge Helpdesk operators should be: polite patient able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines able to work well as part of a team, and with minimal supervision.

7 R.Leveridge What are the qualifications to become a help desk operator? To become a helpdesk operator you need to have knowledge of many software applications, and/or a tertiary qualification in a computer-related subject. There are no specific secondary education requirements, although passes in math, physics and English may be necessary to enter tertiary training.

8 R.Leveridge In 1 day what can an I.T help desk operator do? 1) answer telephone calls from clients 2) respond to requests received by email or in person 3) identify and solve computer software and hardware problems on the telephone 4) assist clients having difficulty using their computers 5) analyze user problems and make suggestions for prevention of future problems 6) keep records of the problems computer users have.

9 R.Leveridge Help desk OPERATOR Helpdesk operators have a great deal of telephone contact with clients, who may be on-site or calling from different locations around the country. Helpdesk operators use a wide range of computer software, hardware and telephone equipment, such as headsets.

10 R.Leveridge F.U.N.C.T.I.O.N.S An I.T help desk operator is someone who devotes their time in helping others with computer related problems. These men and women strive to make an unhappy caller hang up being refreshed and reinsured that there will always be someone to help them

11 R.Leveridge Here Are Some Help Desk operators

12 R.Leveridge THE END

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