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Who Am I? European Explorers Warm-up for September 27, 2011.

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1 Who Am I? European Explorers Warm-up for September 27, 2011

2 Question #1 I am from Italy; however, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella paid for my voyage. On this journey, I was headed for India to buy exotic spices and somehow landed in the Americas. Who Am I?

3 Question #2 I am considered to be a conquistador because my army and I brutally killed many Native Americans. We were the 1st Europeans to cross the Appalachian Mountains in our search for gold. Who Am I?

4 Question #3 I am a powerful ocean current that helped speed Spanish explorers back home. What Am I?

5 Question #4 I came to North America to search for the Fountain of Youth, but I never found it. However, I claimed Florida for Spain. Who Am I?

6 Question #5 King Charles of France sent me to North America to create Fort Caroline. My colony ran out of food and supplies. The colonists of Fort Caroline fought nearby Catholics because of their religious views. Queen Elizabeth I of England put me in prison in 1565. Who Am I?

7 Question #6 We are French Protestants who came to North America for religious freedom. Who Are We?

8 Question #7 I was a lieutenant from France, whose colonist lost faith in my leadership skills. When the local Native Americans stopped helping us out with food and supplies, many of my colonists became pirates who stole from Spanish ships in Florida. Who Am I?

9 Question #8 I was the leader of the first successful English colony in the New World. The colony that I led developed a new type of tobacco that made money for England. Who Am I?

10 Who Am I? Question #9 I was born in England but came to the New
World to start a colony for debtors. I led the army at the Battle of Bloody Marsh. I am the founder and father of Georgia. Who Am I?

11 Question #10 We signed the Charter of 1732 with King George to take care of and run the colony of Georgia. We created the rules for the new colony of Georgia. Who Are We?

12 Question #11 We were friends of the English colonists and the Native Americans. We had a trading post for the English and Native Americans. Who Are We?

13 Who Am I? Question #12 I am the leader of the Yamacraw Indians.
I signed the Treaty of Savannah with Oglethorpe in which my people gave up some of our land and we got to trade with the English without them rising the prices. Who Am I?

14 Question #13 We helped Oglethorpe’s army in the Battle of Bloody Marsh. Some of our people became unhappy with the Trustee’s rules. We are from Scotland. Who Are We?

15 Who Are We? Question #14 We are the people who colonized Florida.
We were the main power in the 1400’s and 1500’s. We lost the Battle of Bloody Marsh after 200 of our soldiers died. Who Are We?

16 Question #15 We came from Germany to find religious freedom in the colony of Georgia. Who Are We?

17 Question #16 I became the Royal Governor of Georgia after James Oglethorpe left the New World. I was appointed by the King of England. I was the first Royal Governor of Georgia. I was fired from this job. Who Am I?

18 Question #17 I was in charge of the colony of Georgia during the Royal Colony Period. I made decisions and my Royal Governors followed them. Who Am I?

19 Who Are We? Question #18 We are the three Royal Governors of Georgia.
We are in the order that we served as governor. Who Are We?

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