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Ch. 5 Creating Georgia.

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1 Ch. 5 Creating Georgia

2 Standards SS8H2 – Analyze the colonial period of Georgia’s history
SS8H1 – Evaluate development of Native American cultures and impact of European exploration and settlement on Native American cultures

3 James Oglethorpe England was having many problems
People were leaving farming towns, cities were becoming overcrowded. Less farmers = less food More people meant less jobs available Anyone who couldn’t pay their debts went to prison Prisons were overcrowded

4 James Oglethorpe James Oglethorpe was granted a charter to start Georgia for three reasons: It would give debtors a 2nd chance and help the poor. (Charitable) Create a market for English goods (Economic) Create a buffer zone from Spanish Florida, would protect South Carolina.(Defensive) Oglethorpe became the “Resident Trustee”, who lived in the colony and was in charge


6 Chief Tomochichi Oglethorpe signed a treaty with Tomochichi to allow the colonists to settle there. Tomochichi became a mediator between Native Americans and settlers.

7 Geography Influencing History
Oglethorpe chose the site at Yamacraw Bluff for several reasons. The site was protected from ocean winds The site overlooked the Savannah River. This would make it easy to ship goods using the river. River would provide food

8 Savannah Settlement at Yamacraw Bluff became Savannah.
Savannah was built on new European ideas such as mercantilism Port of Savannah became a vital shipping avenue because of its access to Atlantic Founded by James Oglethorpe Fair distribution of land, everyone was equal


10 John and Mary Musgrove John and Mary Musgrove ran a trading post in Georgia. Mary was part Native American They helped settlers survive in the early days of the colony. They provided supplies and helped the settlers communicate with Native Americans


12 Ebenezer and New Ebenezer
Many people came to America for religious freedom. Salzburgers, Jews and other groups came to America to worship in their own way. Salzburgers were from Germany. They were Protestants who lived in a Catholic country. They settled Ebenezer and New Ebenezer, where they could remain Protestant

13 Ebenezer and New Ebenezer
All religions were welcome in Georgia except Catholics.

14 Highland Scots Oglethorpe wanted to protect Savannah and Ebenezer from Spanish attacks. Oglethorpe recruited 175 Scottish Highlanders to settle an area south of Savannah. This became Darien

15 Native Americans Early Georgia colonists worked hard to maintain good relationships with Native Americans The colonists felt they might need Native Americans’ help if Spain should attack Native Americans could help them survive

16 Trustee Gov’t vs. Royal Colony
James Oglethorpe and 20 others became trustees of Georgia Trustee - – man of wealth who holds property for the benefit of someone else. Trustees were the government of Georgia Trustees paid for settlers to come to Georgia and gave them 50 acres of land, and food and supplies for one year

17 Reasons for Georgia There were several reasons for establishing Georgia: To increase England’s wealth (Econimc) To give debtors a 2nd chance (Charitable) To protect the other colonies from Spain, who occupied Florida. (Defensive)

18 5 Rules under Trustees Trustees could not own land in Georgia, this is different from other colonies. All colonists were given the same amount of land in Georgia No rum or hard liquor was allowed in Georgia Slavery was banned (viewed as immoral) Only males could inherit land, women can live on the land, but not own it.

19 Why would people come to Georgia
People left Europe for many reasons Religious intolerance – people didn’t have freedom of religion High rents on land – people couldn’t afford houses in Europe Scarcity of resources – there were not enough of the things that people need to live in Europe Georgia was one of America’s earliest democracies!!!!

20 Colonists grow unhappy
Colonists became angry at Trustee’s rules. Three things: 1)land ownership 2)slavery 3)rum Land – much of the soil was poor and flooded often. Colonists couldn’t sell or lease land. Slaves – Trustees wanted colonists to work for their land. Rice and Indigo were very hard to grow, slave labor would be nice. In South Carolina, colonists could own as much land as they wanted; and they could own slaves

21 Colonists grow unhappy
Rum – Colonists could trade rum to Native Americans for other supplies. South Carolina allowed rum, so Georgia should have it too. Georgia’s colonists became known as the “Malcontents” – people who are not satisfied. They wanted to sell land, have slaves and alcohol

22 Religion in Georgia Georgia had freedom of religion, except for Catholics. Roman Catholics were not welcome in Georgia. Spain was Catholic and Spain controlled Florida. Catholics in Georgia may ally themselves with Spanish and overthrow Georgia’s government

23 Spain Oglethorpe lead colonists to defeat Spain at the Battle of Bloody Marsh (St. Simon’s Island) This battle gave England claim to land over Spain. Trustees were running out of money and had to turn the colony over to the King (Royal Colony)


25 Royal Colony Trustees decided to turn over Georgia to the King of England. Under King’s control, Georgia could have slavery Georgia could have rum Colonists could own more than 50 acres, up to 2000 now.

26 John Reynolds After the trustees left Georgia and turned control over to the King, John Reynolds became the 1st Royal Governor of Georgia Once Georgia became a royal colony, colonists had less say in their government.

27 Economy of Georgia Under Royal Government more people moved to Georgia because the regulations had been lifted and the economy grew Cotton, Indigo and Tobacco were crops that Georgia exported back to England

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