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UNIT 1 AND 2 TEST REVIEW.  In what prehistoric period was pottery invented?

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2  In what prehistoric period was pottery invented?

3  Archaic

4  Who was Georgia named after?

5  King George II

6  What was the MAIN purpose of Spanish missions?

7  To convert natives to Christianity BONUS: Where in GA were they located? 1 pt.

8  Along the coast.

9  Name the invention that helped natives begin settling down in one place for longer periods?

10  Pottery BONUS: What invention helped them settle permanently in one place?

11  Agriculture

12  Name of the group who created and managed the GA Colony? How many were there, and for how long were they supposed to be in charge? Who was there unofficial leader?

13  - The Trustees - 21 for 21 yrs. - James Oglethorpe

14  Without the GA Charter of 1732… name 1 thing.

15  - The GA Colony wouldn’t have had permission to be created. - We wouldn’t have the rules and regulations for the colony - We wouldn’t know who was to manage the colony and for how long. Plus, we wouldn’t know the rules trustees had to follow. - We wouldn’t know the correct boundaries for the new GA Colony.

16  Who were the malcontents?

17  Those in the GA Colony upset with the trustees rules. BONUS: Name one rule they were upset with.

18  Slavery Land ownership Liquor

19  Who was responsible for managing the GA Colony after the trustees gave up the Charter of 1732? (gave up control)

20  A royal governor BONUS: How was this person selected for the job?

21  Give me the names of the 3 royal governors in GA in correct chronological order.

22  1. John Reynolds 2. Henry Ellis 3. James Wright

23  The greatest threat of attack against the GA Colony came from what Europeans? What modern-day state did they control?

24  Spain; Florida (La Florida)

25  GA’s most important battle during the War of Jenkins Ear was called…? It took place on what GA Island? Who won, and what was the outcome for GA?

26  GA’s original founding city was...

27  Savannah BONUS: What was the site of Savannah called by the Yamacraw Indians?

28  - Battle of Bloody Marsh - St. Simon’s Island - British victory - Marked the beginning of a safe southern frontier for GA

29  Who was ULTIMATELY in control of the GA Colony even when the trustees and royal governors managed the GA Colony?

30  King George II - KGII BONUS: The GA colonists got to GA on what day? HINT: Its called GA Day.

31  Feb. 12, 1733

32  Why does GA’s population drastically increase after GA becomes a royal colony?

33  Because the trustees rules went away when they gave up the Charter, and people now felt that GA could be economically successful so more people came to the colony.

34  Where did the Salzburgers come from, and why did they come here? Name of city they settled? Why were they important?

35  - From Austria - Came here b/c kicked out by Catholics – wanted religious freedom - Settled New Ebeneezer - Important b/c they helped add to our #s and were successful farmers of silk

36  What was the #1 crop grown in the Royal Colony of GA years?

37  Rice BONUS: What was #2?

38  Indigo

39  Describe 2 ways in which GA’s rules on land ownership changed after GA became a trustee colony.

40  - No limit on amount of land you can own. - Women can inherit land.

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