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2014 Delegate’s Conference Report by Steve O., Delegate Eastern Pennsylvania General Service Assembly.

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1 2014 Delegate’s Conference Report by Steve O., Delegate Eastern Pennsylvania General Service Assembly

2 64 th General Service Conference “Communicating Our Legacies — Vital in a Changing World.” ” Hilton West Chester, Rye Town, NY April 27 – May 3, 2014

3 GRATITUDE I am deeply grateful to our Eastern PA General Service Assembly members for the opportunity to participate on your behalf – Thank You!

4 The 2012-13 AA Service Manual, pS16


6 Conference Membership Area Delegates – from US & Canada 93 = 69.9% Trustees, A.A.W.S. & Grapevine Directors 25 = 18.8% General Service & Grapevine Staff 15 = 11.3% Total 133 Voting Members

7 Delegate Statistics Avg. Age59 yrs. Oldest 78 Youngest32 Avg. Sobriety21 Longest Sobriety41 Shortest Sobriety 7 Avg. Sobriety17 Longest Service37 Shortest Service 7

8 I. Agenda Committee: The 2015 GSC theme be: “Celebrating 80 Years of Recovery, Unity and Service – The Foundation for Our Future”

9 I. Agenda Committee: Discussion Topics For 2015 GSC “Our Common Welfare through Gratitude in Action” 1. Diversity in AA – Our Heritage of Inclusion 2. Safety and Respect – Practicing the Principles Begins in Our Home Group 3. Safeguarding our Traditions through the Evolution of Technology 4. Inventory – Looking Back to Move Ahea d

10 I. Agenda Committee: Add Conference Evaluation Form be Provided in Spanish & French – beginning 2015

11 I. Agenda Committee Add wording to description of Conference Agenda Committee in Service Manual Chapter 8: “Conference Committees” in 2013-2014 Edition, “and Conference Evaluation Questionnaire” to end of description.

12 II. Cooperation with Professional Community 1. Statement in the section Referrals From Court and Treatment Facilities to A.A. on page 4 of pamphlet “If You Are a Professional” be updated. 2. The statement in section How To Make Referrals to A.A. on page 5 be updated to include internet contact information in pamphlet “If You Are A Professional” 3. Remove references to smoking meetings from page 6 in the pamphlet “A.A. As a Resource for the Health Care Professional”

13 III. Corrections 1. Revise section “What A.A. does NOT do.” in the pamphlet “A Message to Corrections Professionals” to include detox and rehabilitation and host or sponsor retreats. 2. Recommended new video be developed to replace “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell” - not to exceed $70,000

14 IV. Finance Recommended all GSC background, as well as Conference material be provided in Spanish & French

15 V. Grapevine Committee recommended Grapevine Board have the ability to exercise their Right of Decision for all formatting decisions in producing Grapevine and La Vina. The motion failed.

16 VI. Literature 1. Approve revised pamphlet “Circles of Love and Service” - Passed 2. Approve pamphlet “Many Paths to Spirituality” - Passed (2 proposed amendments fail after much discussion) 3. Recommendation to remove text from p. 5 of Living Sober using “addiction” & “addicts” Failed

17 VI. Literature, cont’d. 4. Recommendation that “Nonalcoholics are welcome to attend open meetings as observers” be added to the Primary Purpose (Blue) Card - Failed 5. A correction to inaccurate text related to the addition of appendices on p. XI in the Preface of Alcoholics Anonymous be expanded. - Passed 6.Recommendation that the AAWS Policy on Publication of Literature be further clarified regarding needed editorial changes. Recommitted to AAWS where policy resides.

18 VII. Policy/Admissions 1. Three Alternate-Delegates seated as 64 th Conference members – Passed. 2. The 2017 GSC to be held April 23-29, 2017 3. Recommendation that a two-year trial period for GSC to use electronic voting on Thursday for non- election votes. Motion failed by 1. Motion to Reconsider passed. After more discussion, motion Passed

19 VIII. Public Information 1. Seven (7) revisions to 2014 AA Membership Survey passed. - Passed 2. Conduct Membership Survey with same method used in 2011 – Passed 3. Discontinue PSA’s “Living In Chaos” & “We Know What It’s Like” – Passed 4. New PSA to be produced in 2014 – not to exceed $30,000. - Passed 5. Anonymity Card (F-20) have wording change. Passed, then reconsideration & original motion failed.

20 IX. Report & Charter 1. Add definition of “Advisory Action” to p. S19 of AA Service Manual. – Passed 2. Add definition of “Additional Consideration” to p. S19 of AA Service Manual - Passed. 3. The section called “Secretary and Registrar” on p. S45 of AA Service Manual be split into two separate sections. Secretary duties and qualifications to remain the same. Registrar to include suggested duties to include email use & qualifications suggestion to have working computer knowledge - Passed.

21 X. Treatment/Special Needs -Accessibilities No recommendations

22 XI. Trustees 1. Slates for General Service Board (Class A & B Trustees) - Passed 2. Recommended Officers of the G.S.B. (adopted) Chairperson: Terrence B., FACHE First Vice-Chair: Hon. Ivan L.R. L. Second Vice-Chair: Nancy H. Treasurer: David M., CPA Secretary: Albin Z.

23 XI. Trustees, continued: 3. Recommended appointments by Chairman to G.S.B. Assistant Secretary: Julio E. Assistant Treasurer: Donald M. 4. Slate of Directors to A.A.W.S. Corporate Board: Carole B., Beau B., Joe D., Julio E., Phyllis H., J. Gary L., David N., William (Billy) N. & Chet P.

24 XII. Archives Recommended video “Markings on the Journey” - After the video was shown to Conference, motion passed with standing ovation.

25 XIII. International Convention/Regional Forums 1. Anonymity-protected photo of 2015 International Convention – Passed 2. Recommended an encrypted, anonymity-protected internet broadcast of the 2015 convention opening flag ceremony - Passed

26 Floor Actions 1. To add a single line item to General Fund for La Vina – Failed 2. Reaffirm the Right of Decision of GV Board to make formatting decisions –discussed and fails. – opposed by GV staff. 3. GSC consider the use of circle and triangle on Conference-approved literature: Motion Not To Consider passes (original motion therefore – fails)

27 Floor Actions, continued: 4. Discontinue publishing “Alcoholism at Large” section of the Grapevine. Motion Fails. 5. Consider request to develop literature for alcoholics in recovery with mental health issues. - discussed, amended, Fails - Motion to Reconsider, Passes - Original motion Fails. 6. Consider approval of Proposed Anonymity Card. - Motion to Decline, Passes

28 Summary

29 Questions?

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