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Field Federal Safety & Health Councils (Insert FFSHC Name) (Insert Name & Title of Presenter) (Insert Date of Presentation)

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1 Field Federal Safety & Health Councils (Insert FFSHC Name) (Insert Name & Title of Presenter) (Insert Date of Presentation)

2 Authority and Guidance Field Federal Safety and Health Councils (FFSHCs) authorized by: –Section 7902, Title 5, United States Code –Section 19, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 –Executive Order 12196 Policy and procedures regarding the operation and administration of the FFSHCs provided by: –29 CFR Part 1960, Subpart K –FFSHC Operations Manual 2

3 1937 – Federal Interdepartmental Safety Council (FISC) organized, by request of President Roosevelt –Six cabinet officers and chaired by the Secretary of Labor 1950 – Executive Order 10194 replaced the FISC with Federal Safety Councils –Expanded participation to include local field activity level 1980 – 29 CFR Part 1960 published –Subpart K authorizes Secretary to sponsor and provide guidance to existing FFSHCs and establish new ones 2007 – FFSHC Operations Manual published MilestonesMilestones 3

4 Purpose FFSHCs are Federal inter-agency groups chartered by the Secretary of Labor to promote the advancement of occupational safety and health throughout the Federal government. FFSHCs provide support to Federal agencies by: –Conducting training –Serving as a clearinghouse –Offering technical advice –Sharing best practices –Establishing cooperative relationships 4

5 Active FFSHCs by Region Forty-five (45) Active FFSHCs (As of January 2008) Region X (1) Region VIII (2) Region VII (5) Region V (6) Region I (2) Region II (5) Region III (6) Region IV (13) Region VI (2) Region IX (3) 5

6 Membership FFSHC membership comprised of Federal agency occupational safety and health personnel Members officially designated by Federal agency activity heads –Equal number of management and non-management from each member agency –Agency participation is voluntary –Non-federal associate membership ONLY designated federal agency members can: –Vote –Serve as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary or Chairperson of a committee 6

7 How DOL/OSHA Interacts with the FFSHCs Secretary of Labor – Charters FFSHCs Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health – Promotes agency participation in FFSHC activities OSHA Regional Administrators (RAs) – Monitor, advise, and recommend approval or disapproval on issues concerning FFSHCs OSHA Federal Agency Program Officers (FAPO) - Liaison between OSHA field staff and Federal agencies. –Provide leadership in organizing new FFSHCs –Assist FFSHCs with operations and activities including meetings, membership, and training OSHA - Office of Federal Agency Programs (OFAP) – Develops policy concerning FFSHC activities and provides overall direction and guidance for their operation 7

8 Chartering a FFSHC Local Federal agency safety and health personnel determine interest in organizing an FFSHC Proposed FFSHC holds initial meeting Proposed FFSHC develops Articles of Organization Regional office reviews Articles and submits request to be chartered to OSHA National Office OSHA - OFAP reviews Articles for compliance with 29 CFR Part 1960 & FFSHC Manual If compliance requirements met, OFAP produces a charter and forwards Articles and charter to the Secretary of Labor for approval 8

9 FFSHC Annual Report All FFSHCs required to submit an Annual Report –Annual Report Guidelines issued from the OSHA National Office –Based on previous calendar year activities –Due March 15th of each year Annual Reports include information on: –Meetings, training, and other occupational safety & health related events –Membership and agency participation –Special FFSHC initiatives –Goals and objectives for the reported calendar year and upcoming year Annual Reports used to: –Generate reports and briefings on the status of the FFSHCs nation- wide –Determine OSHA National Office Recognition Awards based on performance 9

10 Awards Annual National Office Recognition Awards –Based on FFSHC size category Category I: Federal employee population of > 24,000 Category II: Federal employee population of 12,000 to 24,000 Category III: Federal employee population of < 12,000 –Three (3) award levels Superior Performance Meritorious Achievement Notable Recognition –Up to nine (9) awards given Regional Awards 10

11 Additional Information (Insert Council Name) FFSHC –Chair Name: –Chair Phone: –Chair Email: (Insert OSHA Regional FAPO Name) –FAPO Phone: –FAPO Email: OSHA Office of Federal Agency Programs website: – 11


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