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 CAT material is considered in new business of the World Service Conference. 2014 Conference Approval Track Material.

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1  CAT material is considered in new business of the World Service Conference Conference Approval Track Material

2   2014–2016 Strategic Plan and Proposed Project Plans  2014–2016 Proposed Budget and Cover  Proposed Revisions to the 2012–2014 A Guide to World Services In NA (GWSNA)  WSC Seating Requests and Cover Memo CAT Contents

3  FOUR PROPOSED PROJECT PLANS  Fellowship Issue Discussions  Service System  Traditions Book Project  Public Relations Strategic Plan and Proposed Project Plans

4  Fellowship Issue Discussions  Engage the fellowship in local discussions about issues of worldwide importance  Inspire action around current issues  Help members apply NA principles in local service efforts

5  Fellowship Issue Discussions  Improve communication within the fellowship between members, groups, service bodies, and NAWS  Work on consensus-building models or methods  Recommend carrying over Third Tradition topic, and will present other topics at WSC

6  Service System  To be offered pending results of Motions 4-6  Referred to as a “transition plan,” but it’s not a plan to instruct communities on how to move forward  Outlines work World Services can do over the next two years to support communities in the process of or thinking about transitioning

7  Service System In cycle, we plan to:  Develop more tools & resources to help with planning, training, group support, etc.  Collect ideas from communities adopting and adapting the SSP  Share best practices  Create opportunities for communities to share their experiences

8  Traditions Book  2008: Strong support in lit survey  2010: Motion to create project plan  : Project plan spanning two cycles Gain clarity and consensus on format and then begin drafting and review Began gathering input and experience

9  Traditions Book  : Form workgroup to Draft book Conduct review and input Prepare approval draft for inclusion in 2016 CAR  Tradition a Month Challenge: Visit to participate

10  Public Relations  Attend professional events  Participate in cooperative events with local NA communities  Conduct focused trainings or roundtables to share and gather information with medical professionals who serve addicts seeking recovery

11  THE BUDGET OUTLINES:  Projected Income and Expenses  Fiscal Years 1 July June Proposed Budget

12  Budget Format  Operating income Gross sales minus cost of goods  Four expense areas Literature production and distribution WSC support Fellowship development Events

13  Budget Format: Expense Classifications  Fixed operational funds Recurring “essential services”  Variable operational funds Variable expenses – e.g. projects  Reserve funds Set aside for future and/or current needs

14  GWSNA could use a more holistic review, but the conference has important decisions to make about its future that will significantly affect it. In the cycle ahead, we would like to draft a glossary. Proposed Revisions to A Guide to World Services in NA

15  Proposed GWSNA Revisions  Policies affected by Motions 2 and 3  Decisions related to proposals experiment  Text left out of GWSNA  Edits regarding outdated policies  HRP requested change

16  We need to come to a collective understanding about the future of the WSC and develop seating criteria based on that understanding. WSC Seating

17  Recent WSC Seating Decisions  2008: Approved moratorium on consideration of regions resulting from a regional split for two conference cycles [passed by voice vote]  2010: Failed amendment to moratorium that called for no regions being considered for seating at WSC 2012 [standing vote: 80/40/1/0 (yes/no/abstain/present)]

18  Recent WSC Seating Decisions  2012: Two questions considered Do you support the WB recommendation to not consider any regions of seating at WSC 2014? [Straw Poll Results: 41 in favor, 55 opposed] Continue the spirit of the existing moratorium for one cycle. (Do not consider regions resulting from a split.) [Straw poll results: 73 in favor, 20 opposed]

19  WSC Seating: Moving Forward  Ongoing WB & conference discussions  Two motions offered in the CAR that could affect the conference  WSC 2014 sessions regarding WSC purpose, WSC seating, and the role of zones

20  WSC Seating Requests and Inquiries  Seven requests received  Five from regions resulting from splits Occidente Region in Mexico HOW, Rio de Janeiro, Grande Sao Paulo, and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil

21  WSC Seating Requests and Inquiries  Two requests received by 1 April deadline from regions that did not result from a split Dominican Republic Turkey

22  WSC Seating Requests and Inquiries  Recommendation is to not seat any new regions at this time, but to offer a commitment of support from NAWS until WSC seating is resolved  This recommendation is a call to action

23  This is not part of the CAT, but affects CAR material. We will recommend: An Introduction to NA Meetings IP Edits

24  An Introduction to NA Meetings IP corrections  Correct a typographical error We encourage you to read NA literature including the Basic text and the booklet In Times of Illness, which will explain… [CAR, p. 48, first paragraph after bullet points]

25  An Introduction to NA Meetings IP corrections  Remove potentially confusing reference to our primary purpose People have all sorts of reasons for attending NA meetings, but the purpose of each meeting — our “primary purpose” — is to give NA members a place to share recovery with other addicts. [CAR, p. 47, second paragraph]

26   All materials are available at 15 February  Regional and zonal reports due 15 February  Regional and zonal reports will be included in the Conference Report WSC Preparation

27  Additional Resources &Feedback And we always welcome your questions and input:

28  2014 Conference Approval Track Material Discussion and Q & A

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