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Energy efficiency with nanotechnology -Active participation from the companies.

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1 Energy efficiency with nanotechnology -Active participation from the companies

2 MemberCountryOrganisation Anne-Christine RitschkoffFinlandTechnical research Centre of Finland VTT Anssi MälkkinFinlandAcademi of Finland Søren AggerholmDenmarkThe Danish Building Research Institute (SBi), Aalborg University Arne Nylandsted LarsenDenmarkInstitute of Physics and Astronomy, Århus University Hans Kr. Guðmundsson IcelandThe University of Akureyri Edda Lilja SveinsdótirIcelandReykjavík Energy Graduate School of Sustainable Systems Rune BredesenNorwaySINTEF Aase Marie HundereNorwayNorwegian Research Council Helén AndreassonSwedenVINNOVA Svante SöderholmSwedenSwedish Energy Agency Program committee members

3 To support collaborative cross-border, user-driven research and innovation in the field of nanotechnology in order to develop improved energy efficient solutions for future commercialisation.  To support the coordination of Nordic experience, skills and know-how  To strengthen the impact of the use of nanotechnologies in new or improved energy solutions.  To enhance Nordic competitive advantage in the global market.  To consolidate the interaction between society, industry and academia, and to promote international involvement in the field. The main aim of the call

4 1.Nano-based surface treatment concepts for energy efficient transport and energy conversion, including coatings designed to withstand extreme and aggressive environments. 2. Nanomaterials for efficient energy conversion and storage devices. 3. Nanostructured materials for efficient light emission / light harvesting. Call themes

5 Framework for the call RequirementDescription Industry participationmandatory Project period max.3 years Type of projectsUser-driven research projects International connectionAdvantage if project is linked to other national, Nordic or international activity Budget50 MNOK Participating countriesMinimum 3 Nordic countries

6 1.Relevance to the call and call specific criteria. 2. Scientific and technological excellence. 3. Expected impact. 4.Quality of the project plan and relevance of the project participants. 5.Quality of the consortium and project management. 6.Dissemination and networking. 7. Environmental and ethic perspectives. Evaluation criteria

7 First round applications 37 applications 15% success rate 130 stakeholders Available 50 MNOK Applied for 325 MNOK Total bud. 700 MNOK Own contr. 375 MNOK

8 Second round applications 11 applications 36 % success rate 120 MNOK applied from TFI 266 MNOK total value of projects 55 % own contribution of total budget

9 Funded projects In PK Nano 46% of total budget of the projects comes from the project participants. Participants from these PKs contribute with 71 MNOK to the projects the value of which is 119 MNOK.

10 Project nameProject leaderProject participantsDescription Research towards Nordic industrialization of The-Salt-and-Paper Battery Uppsala University Holding VTT, FMC Biopolymer, ETC Batteries and Fuel cells AB, FOV Favrics AB, Will carry out the research and development necessary for forming the foundation for future commercialisation of a new type of paper-based, environmentally friendly supercapacitors and batteries. Nano Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuels Cells Chalmers UniversityUniv. of Oslo, Topsoe Fuel Cells, Sandvik Materials Technology AB Will investigate the use of nano- coatings to prevent these degradation mechanisms. E.g. by the application of thin films of cerium the corrosion rates of the material can be reduced substantially. TOPNANOYKISaab Aerosystems, KTH, AkzoNobel, MW Innovation, Nibe, Re- Turn AS, Sapa Heat Transfer AB, Vattenfall, Vestas, VTT, Aarhus Univ. Will develop sustainable and efficient methods based on nanotechnology to reduce problems and costs with ice build-up. Three projects The fourth project is in the evaluation process.

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