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Materials and Chemistry 1 H06039 – NANOREP Nanosized Particles for Improved Scratch Resistance of Polymeric Materials.

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1 Materials and Chemistry 1 H06039 – NANOREP Nanosized Particles for Improved Scratch Resistance of Polymeric Materials

2 Materials and Chemistry 2 NANOREP - Main Vision Establish a strong network of expertise in the field of highly scratch and mar resistant polymer materials based on nanosized particles in the Nordic countries

3 Materials and Chemistry 3 NANOREP – Technical Objectives Develop a range of polymer blends with nano-particles for enhanced scratch resistance Target: Improve the scratch resistance by at least a factor of 3 Select appropriate methods for the characterisation of scratch and mar resistance Investigate and develop dispersion methods Develop and manufacture nanoparticles identified to be of interest in the consortium Environmental and health aspects shall be covered as well as cost evaluation Arrange meetings, diffuse literature and reports to make technology transfer from academic and research to industry

4 Materials and Chemistry 4 NANOREP – Project Organisation 2 phases according to polymer materials: Lacquers / Paints This project May 2006 – December 2007 Thermoplastics Application Autumn 2007

5 Materials and Chemistry 5 NANOREP – Project Organisation Partners in phase I: 7 industrial partners: 2 producers of nanoparticles: EKA CHEMICALS (SE) and ELKEM (NO) 3 producers of paints and lacquers: JOTUN (NO), NOR-MAALI (FI) and MALNING (ISL) 2 end-users: BANG&OLUFSEN (DK) and SONY ERICSSON MOBILE (SE) 3 Research institutes: ICETEC (ISL), IVF (SE) and SINTEF (NO) Main role: Characterisation of raw materials and modification of a defined set of lacquers/paints by nanoparticles In addition SINTEF will act as a coordinator and will apply/combine a developed technology for improvement of scratch resistance

6 Materials and Chemistry 6 NANOREP – Project Organisation Additional partners in phase II: Industrial partners: POLYKEMI (SE), HYDRO POLYMERS (NO) and VOLVO CARS (SE) Research institutes: IFP RESEARCH (SE) and VTT (FIN)

7 Materials and Chemistry 7 NANOREP – Project Milestones 2006 Milestone 1: Characterisation of nano-composites. 30.09.2006 Establishment of methods and equipment for characterisation of nanoparticles for size, shape and dispersion degree Establishment of methods and equipment for characterisation of scratch and mar resistance on micro and nano-level according to the requirements from the consortium members Milestone 2: Particle supply. 31.12.2006 Listing and description of existing nanoparticles available within the consortium Selection and acquisition of particles from external sources. Establishment of development targets for nanoparticles A range of nanoparticles developed to match the targets from the consortium

8 Materials and Chemistry 8 NANOREP – Project Milestones 2007 Milestone 3: In-situ polymerisation. 01.03.2007 Milestone 4: Dispersion and mixing nanoparticles with polymers. 01.04.2007 Milestone 5: Health & safety and environment. 30.06.2007 Milestone 6: Dissemination. 31.10.2007 Milestone 7: Final reporting. 31.12.2007

9 Materials and Chemistry 9 NANOREP – Participants and Budget Participate to Budget phase 1project phase ELKEM300.000 NOK 1+2 EKA180.000 NOK 1+2 POLY0 NOK 2 HYDRO0 NOK 2 JOTUN644.000 NOK 1 VOLVO0 NOK 2 ERICSSON500.000 NOK 1+2 NOR-MAALI270.000 NOK 1 BANG OG OLUFSEN308.000 NOK 1+2 MALNING300.000 NOK 1 IFP0 NOK 2 IVF380.000 NOK 1+2 ICETEC300.000 NOK 1 SINTEF905.000 NOK 1+2 Sum4.087.000 NOK Requested co-funding1.585.000 NOK

10 Materials and Chemistry 10 NANOREP – Information Plan Purpose: Contribute to establish a Nordic knowledge market in the specific field of nanotechnology for wear resistant surfaces Spreading the knowledge to selected partners within the Nordic industry Informal network among the key individuals within respective areas of expertise Implement the results within the industrial partners of the consortium The communication between the partners will be done by e-mails, by phone conferences and meetings Participation to conferences/workshops A Web page will be created with open information for the public and a place reserved for the partners (access to eRoom)

11 Materials and Chemistry 11 NANOREP – Success Criteria Establishment of a number of plastic and coating formulations giving polymer materials with improved scratch and mar resistance The target being to increase the resistance by at least a factor of 3. Establishment of relevant methods for characterisation of visual aspects of scratch and mar resistance in the nano range Establishment of prototype made nanoparticles by companies in the Nordic region Having nanoparticle reinforced plastic and coating systems tested in a number of user applications (automotive, mobile phones) Having a number of conferences within the participating companies for the diffusion of nanoparticle knowledge. External technology diffusion through scientific papers, articles and conference lectures Having established a Nordic consortium of high expertise in the field of scratch/mar resistant coatings based on nanoparticles for applications in paints and lacquers

12 Materials and Chemistry 12 NANOREP – Nordic Perspective Many companies in the Nordic region operate within industrial niche areas and top quality segments. Nanoparticles offer an opportunity Industries that enter early the route of nano-reinforcement will have a good chance to take market shares in several emerging segments as well as to defend their current positions The present Nordic industrial platform covers the steps from raw materials, polymer and paint production to a host of applications within car, telecom, household appliances and coating manufacturing Synergies with similar activities within the European Community open up an opportunity for the Nordic industries to assume a leading position in this area

13 Materials and Chemistry 13 NANOREP – European/International Perspective The European Union has supported nanotechnologies in the 6th Framework Programme (FP) and the coming 7th FP and there are numbers of national initiatives particularly in the U.S. If appropriately targeted, this effort can put several segments, both raw material suppliers, lacquer producers and end-users of the Nordic industry in the forefront of the European and worldwide frontline of advanced applications

14 Materials and Chemistry 14 NANOREP – Kick-off Meeting Project kick-off meeting in Oslo 29. May 2006 Agreement with NIC in place Consortium agreement – Draft in place Presentation of the partners Discussion about technical work Reporting and meetings

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