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The First English Colonies-pg 61

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1 The First English Colonies-pg 61

2 1. To whom did Queen Elizabeth I give permission to establish England’s first American Colony?
Sir Walter Raleigh

3 2. Why did the first colonists return to England?
Troubles with local tribes and lack of food.

4 3. List two things that might have happened to the second, “Lost Colony”:
Starving colonists might have joined a local tribe of Indians or they were killed.

5 4. Since Sir Walter Raleigh lost his investment when Roanoke failed, how did other merchants try to finance later colonies? Through Joint Stock Companies.

6 5. How are joint stock companies funded?
By investors, people who put money into a project to earn profits.

7 6. What two companies did English merchants form to colonize America?
The Virginia Company of London The Virginia Company of Plymouth

8 7. Who did these companies have to seek permission from after Queen Elizabeth died?
King James I, since he was now the King of England.

9 8. What was important to the economic system called mercantilism?
Colonies were important under mercantilism. Colonies were supposed to benefit the “mother country”. For example, Jamestown was started to make England wealthy (like Spain had become wealthy from Native gold).

10 9. What year did the 100 colonists arrive in the New World?

11 10. What bay did the settlers sail into?
The Chesapeake Bay

12 11. What river did they sail up?
The James River

13 12. What was the settlement named?

14 13. Who was the settlement named after?
King James I of England

15 14. Why did the colonists at Jamestown become ill?
Colonists became ill due to disease carried by water or insects.

16 15. List two reasons why the colonists had such hardships at Jamestown:
Settlers searched for treasure instead of building houses and planting crops The climate - hot and humid in summers and bitter cold in winter

17 16. Just how many colonists remained by 1608?
Just 38 colonists remained alive

18 17. Who took control late in 1608?
John Smith Smith’s rule was: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”

19 18. What did the colonists eat during the “starving time”?
Rodents and snakes Anything organic: rats, dogs, cats, boots, bugs……..

20 19. What arrived in 1610 to save the colony?
Relief ships arrived in 1610

21 20. Describe the relationship between the Jamestown colonists and the Powhatan Indians:
The relationship was tense and sometimes violent

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