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AP US History – Unit 1 The First English Settlements.

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1 AP US History – Unit 1 The First English Settlements

2 Jamestown Colony Spanish influence extended from Chesapeake Bay to southern tip of South America 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh made first attempt at colony; failed Named colony Virginia after Elizabeth (“Virgin Queen”) 1587 founded colony at Roanoke Island, NC Colony was gone when he returned (“Lost Colony”) Only evidence was word “Croatan” carved into post

3 Jamestown Colony Protestant Reformation, defeat of Spanish Armada led to decline of Spain Industrial Revolution required more resources for manufacturing Joint-stock companies allowed investors to pool money Charter was granted which governed new colony Guaranteed rights for all people

4 Jamestown Colony 1606 – King James I grants charter to Virginia Company of London Hope to find gold Sea passage to Asia through New World 1607 landed near Chesapeake Bay, founded Jamestown

5 Jamestown Colony Location was poor, hot, mosquito infested Settled by aristocrats who didn’t know how to farm or hunt Most died from disease and hunger Spent time looking for gold instead of food Some help from local Indians Powhatan tribe provided food

6 Jamestown Colony Leadership was lacking; John Smith sent to save the day “He that will not work, shall not eat” Later kidnapped by Powhatan Winter 1609-1610: “starving time” 60 of original 400 colonists still alive Forbidden from leaving by governor De La Warr John Rolfe plants tobacco, saves colony

7 Jamestown Colony Tobacco – first commodity crop, provided wealth Required large labor source 1619 – Dutch ship delivered 20 African slaves Still relied heavily on mostly white labor force of indentured servants unti l1650 Women arrived in 1619 to establish a self-sustaining colony

8 Plymouth Colony 1558-1603 – growing religious tensions in England Radical Protestants believed the Anglican Church was still too much like the Catholic Church Wanted to “purify” Anglicanism Puritans embraced John Calvin & predestination King James I pressured Puritans to conform

9 Plymouth Colony 1606 Puritans severed ties with Church of England Set out for New World, “Pilgrims” set sail on Mayflower Missed Virginia due to storm; settled in Massachusetts Established Mayflower Compact to govern Plymouth Bay William Bradford became governor and established the colony

10 Plymouth Colony Landed in early winter, over half died Squanto: English speaking Indian introduced colonists to Wampanoag tribe Showed Pilgrims where to fish and hunt Basis for Thanksgiving Grew slowly based on fur, fish, lumber trade

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