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PO 004- Managing PT Supplies

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1 PO 004- Managing PT Supplies

2 Learning Objectives The physical therapist technician will be able to perform safe handling procedures for: Physical therapy treatment supplies Physical therapy administrative supplies Physical therapy clinic linen Sterile equipment and supplies

3 Continued . . . Be familiar with the medical logistical system for ordering physical therapy supplies Be familiar with the order procedures for medical supplies through pharmacy

4 Physical Therapy Supplies
In the physical therapy clinic there are two main types of medical supplies that are used: Consumables Non-consumables These supplies are provided through either: Medical Logistics Pharmacy

5 Consumable Supplies Defined as supplies that will be used up, depleted, worn out or issued to patients These items need to be stocked and replaced regularly Storage areas need to be designated and inventory lists kept

6 Consumables Continued . . .
Examples of physical therapy consumable supplies include: Ultrasound gel Crutches and cane tips Therabands Tensor bandages Tape Syringes Electrodes Pens Paper

7 Non-Consumable Supplies
Those supplies that are long lasting, reusable items, not consumed during use Requires formal accountability and a Material Control Number (MCN) Should only require replacement if unserviceable or expired life expectancy

8 Non-Consumables Continued . . .
Examples of physical therapy non- consumables include: Linen Modalities Plinths Exercise equipment

9 Medical Logistics The Medical Logistics Specialist performs or supervises requisitioning, receipt, inventory management, storage, preservation, issue, salvage, destruction, stock control, quality control, property management, repair parts management, inspection, packing and shipping, care, segregation and accounting of medical supplies and equipment

10 Med Log Continued . . . Items needed to equip, maintain, and support military activities Divided into 9 classes: Class 1- Rations Class 2-Defense Stores Class 3-Fuel Class 4-Construction Materials Class5-Ammunition Class 6-Canteen Stores Class 7-Vehicles Class 8-Medical and Dental Material Class 9-Repair Parts and Components

11 Med Log Continued . . . Medical logistics is used to order and replace non-consumable physical therapy supplies Not up to the physical therapist technician to order, but rather requests are submitted through Biomed Use form MoD 14

12 Pharmacy Pharmacy is used to order consumable supplies
Must fill out appropriate paperwork Form MoD 14 Comes from warehouse at NMH

13 Regional Hospitals Supply chain works differently:
Regional Hospitals order from Regional Hospital Logistics and Technical Department The order is passed to the National Depot The order is then filled, or passed to the prime vendor or contractor Then delivered directly to the Regional Hospital

14 MoD 14

15 Supply Storage Areas Storage is the keeping of property or supplies
Important to store supplies to keep record/inventory as well as for organization of the PT department Access limited to PT staff Should be regularly inventoried and restocked to avoid shortages

16 Inventory The purpose of an inventory is to bring stock accounting records on line with actual stock quantities Cyclic inventory is the counting of assets during a given time period PT supplies should be accounted for on a weekly basis A set amount of each supply should be determined and maintained depending on the expected requirement for that item

17 Inventory Continued . . . An inventory list should be kept electronically as well as a paper copy and should include the following information: Item name Stock number (MCN) The Manufacturer The date last inspected The date of the next required inspection Location of the equipment Quantity

18 Inventory Continued . . . Once deficiencies in stock are identified, the supplies should be ordered using MoD 14 through Med Log or Pharmacy Keep copies of MoD 14 for records When new stock is delivered to the PT department, it must be recorded and placed in the designated storage area

19 Administrative Supplies
For proper management of the physical therapy department, administrative supplies are essential These supplies include: Paper Pens/pencils Log books Files for patient charts Stapler/staples Paperclips

20 Admin Supplies Continued . . .
Like treatment supplies, admin supplies need to kept in a designated area, used only by PT staff and regularly resupplied Resupply is again though Med Log by utilizing MoD 14 When supplies are received, verification with the original order sheet must be performed to confirm delivery of what was actually ordered

21 Linen Linen includes towels, sheets, pillow cases, and blankets
Linen is used to drape patients during treatment, clean equipment and patients and for infection control Any piece of linen that touches a patient’s skin needs to be replaced before the next patient

22 Linen Continued . . . A stock of the various linen should always be maintained in the PT clinic Dirty linen needs to be collected in a separate bin that is clearly labeled and kept separate from clean linen Do not shake out dirty linen

23 Linen Continued . . . It is the responsibility of the physical therapist technician to: Gather and bundle used linen for cleaning Receive clean linen Inspect clean linen Fold clean linen Distribute clean linen Store clean linen

24 Biohazard Linen If linen is soiled with blood or body fluids (~2cc’s):
Place in red biohazard bad Close and seal the bag Place in used linen bin

25 Sterile Equipment Proper aseptic technique is one of the most fundamental and essential principles of infection control in the clinical setting Aseptic Technique = methods by which contamination with microorganisms is prevented Aseptic Techniques are those which: Remove/reduce or kill microorganisms from hands and objects Employ sterile instruments Reduce patient risk of exposure to microorganisms that cannot be removed

26 Principles of Aseptic Technique
Only sterile items are used within the sterile field Sterile equipment is handled with a sterile glove that is kept in sight at all times Sterile persons only touch sterile equipment Avoid reaching over the sterile field if unsterile The edges of anything that encloses sterile contents are considered unsterile Sterile field is created as close as possible to the time of use Sterile areas are continuously kept in view

27 Summary Consumable supplies are those that will be used up, depleted, worn out or issued to patients Non-consumable supplies are those that are long lasting, reusable, and not consumed during use Consumable supplies are ordered through pharmacy, non-consumables through medical logistics Supplies are ordered using an MoD 14 form

28 Summary… Supplies must be stored in appropriate, secure areas
Inventory must be performed regularly to ensure a sufficient supply of all required items is maintained An appropriate supply of linen must be maintained and laundered after each use Proper sterilization of equipment and aseptic technique is required for prevention of the spread of microorganisms

29 Questions?

30 Comprehension Check What are the two main types of medical supplies?
What form is used to order medical supplies? To which departments are these forms submitted? How often should an inventory of PT supplies be carried out?

31 Comprehension Check… What should be done with linen soiled with blood or bodily fluids? What is the purpose of aseptic technique?

32 Answers Consumables and Non-consumables. MoD 14.
Pharmacy for consumables, Medical Logistics for non-consumables. Weekly. Place in red biohazard bad, close and seal the bag, and place in used linen bin

33 Answers… To prevent contamination of a patient or the environment with microorganisms.

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