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Public Works Department

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1 Public Works Department
Citizens Academy, March 2014 Public Works Department

2 Mission Statement & Accreditation
“Manage the city’s transportation, stormwater, and solid waste systems to enhance the quality of life for the Gainesville community.” Accredited Agency by the American Public Works Association (APWA) The 47th APWA Accredited Agency in the nation; 4th in the state of Florida; Reaccredited in January 2012

3 Management Team Public Works – 163.75 FTE Teresa Scott, P.E. Director
Jerry Hanson Operations Mgr Debbie Leistner PW Planning Mgr Steve Joplin Solid Waste Mgr Chantel Thomas Office Mgr Phil Mann, P.E. Assistant PW Director Matt Weisman, P.E. Traffic Ops Mgr Supervising Engineer RTS Public Works – FTE

4 Funding Sources General Fund (GF)
Signal Maintenance Agreements Parking Permits/Meters/Enforcement Streetlight Maintenance (state) Stormwater Management Utility Enterprise Fund (SMU) ($7.1M) Solid Waste Enterprise Fund (SW) ($8.6M)

5 Expenditures $24,086,776 Annual Budget

6 Expenditures by Fund

7 Enterprise Funds - Solid Waste
Residential - $7 million Contract Collection – WCA current hauler 26,440 customers (2013 average) Contract Disposal Alachua County Leveda Brown Transfer Facility New River Landfill 20,081 tons of waste disposed SP Recycling 13,488 tons of waste diverted

8 Enterprise Funds - Solid Waste
Residential $676k towards pavement resurfacing growing to $1.8M over three years $300k to GF for concrete curb repairs Commercial Franchise Fees on Commercial Haulers $1 million/year Focus on mandatory recycling compliance 11,000 tons of recycled materials captured

9 Enterprise Funds - Solid Waste
Other Programs funded through SW Keep Alachua County Beautiful Graffiti abatement Adopt-a-Street Litter Pick-up Inmate Crew 75% Recycling Target by 2020

10 Enterprise Funds - SMU Stormwater Management Utility Programs
$7.1 million revenue – 2014 projected $8.56/Equivalent Residential Unit 69,911 ERU’s billed each month (average) Programs Mosquito Control Streetsweeping Stormwater Systems Maintenance Closed – inlets/pipes Open – ditches/ponds

11 General Fund Pavement Management – city streets (390 centerline miles)
Resurfacing Pot-hole maintenance Sidewalk Maintenance/Construction Concrete Curb maintenance/construction Right-of-way maintenance Mowing Vegetation cut-back Urban Forestry maintenance

12 General Fund Traffic Signal Maintenance Traffic Signs/Markings
County-wide 100% change out to LED’s (within city) Approximate $8,000/month savings in energy cost Traffic Signs/Markings City Streets Parking Program – Garage, On-Street, Enforcement Roadway and Pedestrian Lighting LED Pilots

13 PW Services Jointly Funded
Administration Strategic Planning Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development of Capital Improvements Plan Safety Studies Development Review Grant Coordination Engineering Services Project Management Surveying Inspections

14 Partnerships Clean Water Partnership
City, County, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Work together to reduce nutrient (organic material) and coliform (human and animal waste materials) pollutants in stormwater and local waterways You can help by: Following Homeowner Best Management Practices Reporting any suspect discharges by calling hotline Encouraging Best Management Practices at local businesses Remembering that everything you do on the land’s surface can end up in our creeks – our creeks flow into our aquifer, so it takes all of us working together to keep our water clean!

15 Report illegal discharges to 352-264-6800
How you can help! Report illegal discharges to

16 Partnerships Traffic Management System Bicycle/Pedestrian Program
City, County, FDOT, UF County-wide Traffic Management Center Bicycle/Pedestrian Program County MTPO

17 Capital Projects Transportation Trails Intersection Sidewalks
Mill/Resurface Reconstruction

18 Depot Park

19 Depot / 4 St Roundabout

20 6th Street Rail Trail Additional 0.62 miles of trail

21 Regional Transit System (RTS)
Service Area: 82 sq. miles Service Area Population: 159,508 UZA 290 employees Fleet Size: buses Fleet Age: years City Routes: 33 (87 buses) Campus Routes: 9 (18 buses) Later Gator: 5 (13 buses) ADA Service 22 (vans) RTS contracts with MV Transportation

22 RTS Budget – FY14 $23,436,565

23 RTS Ridership Fiscal Year

24 RTS Access Employee pass program Discount pass program
Partnerships with Santa Fe and UF Bus Tracking System Gator locator ( Google trip planner

25 For additional information visit:

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