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Internet2 IPv6 Update Matt Zekauskas, APAN IPv6 Task Force 2007-August-28.

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1 Internet2 IPv6 Update Matt Zekauskas, APAN IPv6 Task Force 2007-August-28

2 Outline We have renamed… Internet2 network infrastructure IPv6 status IPv6 activities

3 We Have Renamed As of February 1, 2007 Is now the

4 We Have Renamed NOC URL: NOC email: Internet2 Network URL Internet2 Network contact address (new peerings, …):

5 We Have Moved We renamed because we have moved the routers from a Qwest SONET infrastructure to our own infrastructure that runs on Level(3) fiber and has new capabilities The new network is a “hybrid network” that can supply SONET and Ethernet circuits in addition to IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity

6 NOTE: Raleigh, Portland, Seattle switching equip. deferred

7 Internet2 network infrastructure IPv6 continues to perform well on the Internet2 Network Transition from Abilene layer3 network to new Internet2 network infrastructure almost complete [done by 30-Sep] Using same Juniper T640 routers; still running dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 The backbone now supports 32 bit ASNs

8 Internet2 network infrastructure R&E peerings remain unchanged IPv6 peerings with commercial nets remain at PAIX, now served by Los Angeles router –Hurricane Electric added Jan 2007, was on Heather’s slide from APAN23 With new commercial peering service, new opportunities to peer in Chicago, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles

9 Monitoring Monitoring and network test points still being updated for the new network [Should be finished by end Sept.] We will have at every router node –Latency (owamp) –Throughput (bwctl) [1G, 10G upon request] –On-demand testing (NDT) All supporting IPv6

10 Monitoring Consider testing to Internet2, at least ad-hoc, and possibly low-rate periodic –Owamp, and bwctl TCP tests < 30s to 1G endpoints, are no longer restricted –Please tell us if you set up periodic tests –Recent testing of peering points with DREN has exposed odd routing, configuration errors

11 Monitoring We have firewall filters installed in the Juniper routers to capture IPv6 utilization (and other specific port counts) viz/index-bits.html (bits/sec) (packets/sec)

12 Maps Also not all updated –IPv4 connector map is current –IPv6 connector map needs to be updated (basically v6 peers move to current v4 locations (for example, Denver connectors move to Salt Lake City; PAIX peers remain there but now go to Los Angeles router) –So I will not show the v6 maps

13 Policy: Interconnection with other networks Will continue to peer with IPv6 commercial networks –With new Internet2 network, will also now peer with IPv4 commercial networks (but these are a separate VRF, no mixing with R&E routes) No transit between non-US networks and commercial IPv6 network peers –Had been providing transit between v6 networks (including commercial) –Stopped providing transit to commercial v6 peers – not their usual policy

14 IPv6 Activities Internet2 IPv6 Working Group –Refocused from campus deployment effort to….. –Working with middleware and applications working groups as resource Internet2 IPv6 Hands-on Workshops –Lesser in frequency, but still being held by request April 2007: Ann Arbor, MI June 2007: Pittsburgh, PA July 2007: North Kingstown, RI

15 Pointers IPv6 working group Internet2 NOC IPv6 Information documentation.html Presentation and exercises from IPv6 Multicast Workshop erque-IPv6/




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