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Describing pictures NB2

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1 Describing pictures NB2
SPEAKING Describing pictures NB2

2 GENERAL TOPIC All these photographs show …
This set of pictures shows … Here we have X pictures, all related to … The main topic here is … The pictures are about … In these pictures I can see …

In the foreground / in the background. On the left / right. In the middle. At the top / bottom. In the distance. In this photograph / these photos here (pointing) In the first / second, etc. picture. In the [top/bottom] + [left/right] picture.

4 COMPARING Both pictures show… This one is (much +) comparative than
(this car is much bigger than that one) A little (bit) + comparative than … (He is a bit taller than the other man) It is(n’t) as + adj + as … (she isn’t as tall as the other woman) It is similar to / different from / the same as … I prefer this (one)…. because…

5 DESCRIBING PEOPLE Use the present continuous to describe people’s actions. (he is doing… she is writing…) He’s about X / in his Xs (age). (he is about 40 / He is in his 40s [forties]) He’s very / quite / really / extremely + adj. You can tell (that) he is … She looks / seems + adj. (she looks bored) She looks like + noun.(he looks like an actor) He might / could be + ing / noun. (he could be sleeping / he could be a doctor)

6 FACTS AND OPINIONS Everybody knows that … Many people believe that …
I find it (a bit) + adj. I (don’t) like …… very much In my opinion, … I believe/think that … It seems to me that … I (don’t) think…

7 SOME ADVICE Talk in sentences. Don’t produce a list of items, like a robot. Organise your description. Don’t describe the same thing more than once. Start with a general idea before giving details. Give some personal opinion to the picture.


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