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IPad Configuration Monday 30 April 2012 Iowa Grant Schools.

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1 iPad Configuration Monday 30 April 2012 Iowa Grant Schools

2 Shameless Plug! Share your Name Your School Your Position Thirty Seconds to tell the group something good!

3 Bud Faurote Cassville, Wisconsin Teacher for 34 Years IT Manager for 14 Years Title I/ESEA Coordinator for 2 Years

4 iPad Vocabulary iOS: iPad Operating System Apps: Application programs for iPad VPP: Volume Purchase Program Redemption Codes: Used to install paid apps Apple ID: ID to purchase from iTunes/App Store

5 Pencil and Paper Time How Many What will be included Distribution Management: Centralized or Decentralized

6 Configuration Designs 1.Unsupervised 2.Supervised

7 Three Classes of Management OTA: Over the Air Cradled: USB Content Management

8 Management Options 1.I Tunes-Mac/Windows 2.iPhone Configuration Utility-Mac/Windows 3.Apple Configurator/Mac 4.Profile Manager/Lion Server

9 Different Options OTA Content Distribution: Apps Cradled Policies/Custom Apps: iPhone Configurator/Apple Configurator Cradles Content/App Distribution: iTunes OTA App Distribution: Apple ID/iCloud Backup/Restore: iCloud/iTunes/Apple Config.

10 iTunes Management It’s Free USB Cradled Environment Handles DRM material Unsupervised Can manage multiple devices Doesn’t do VPP management

11 iTunes iTunes Summary Page

12 iTunes Apps Page

13 iPhone Configuration Utility It’s Free Older Version of Apple Configurator Windows and Mac Versions Similar Appearance to iTunes Management Doesn’t do VPP Can’t run at same time as Apple Configurator

14 iPhone Configuration Utility Introduction-Device Summary Page

15 iPhone Configuration Utility Application Page

16 Apple Configurator Management It free Only runs on a Mac…No Windows Version Supervise an unlimited amount of devices Cradled/USB sync up to 30 devices at a time Updates iOS Manages apps, profiles, and backups

17 Apple Configurator-Uses Company/Education Labs: Lab Manager One-to-One environments: Schools Device Distribution: Pre-load apps/profiles Backup/Restore

18 Apple Configurator Do’s Update iOS devices Rename devices using numbered scheme Erase devices Backup and Restore devices

19 More Do’s Push any kind of apps to devices Track/Revoke VPP codes on devices Assign users from directories services Load non-DRM’d content to apps on devices

20 Apple Configurator-Don’ts Doesn’t work with Video or Music: DRM Don’t have devices plugged in when configuring

21 Using the Configurator Three Areas of Preparation 1.Prepare 2.Supervision 3.Assign

22 Prepare Perform an initial setup and configuration when the devices won’t be checking back into the computer running Apple Configurator routinely

23 Supervise Allows persistant changes to devices, to layer new settings when plugged in, add Apps, and relocating VPP codes to new device or when device is retired.

24 Apple Configurator Start Page

25 Apple Configurator Supervise Page

26 Apple Configurator Assign Page

27 Apple Configurator Prepare-Settings

28 Apple Configurator Prepare-Erase Before Installing

29 Apple Configurator Prepare-Apps

30 Apple Configurator Prepare-Warning/Apply

31 Apple Configurator Prepare-Unauthorized App

32 Apple Configurator Prepare-Installing Apps

33 Apple Configurator Prepare-Complete iPad

34 Purchasing VPP Apps Use an Apple ID not associated with the VPP Program Facilitator to log in to iTunes Store Make sure your Mac is authorized with Itunes Wise to use a separate Apple ID for each Mac running Apple Configurator

35 Backup, Backup, Backup The Mac that keeps the redemption codes is the only record of the valid use of those codes Maintain a current backup.

36 Tale of the Tape ITunes Unsupervised Doesn’t do VPP Does DVM Apple Configurator Supervised/Unsupervised VPP Management Doesn’t do DVM

37 Final Thoughts…. Guard the Citadel

38 Good iPad Management Happy Student

39 The End Bud Faurote Innovative Educator Consulting

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