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Enhanced XA Security CISTECH Security Solutions Belinda Daub, Senior Consultant Technical Services 704-814-0004.

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1 Enhanced XA Security CISTECH Security Solutions Belinda Daub, Senior Consultant Technical Services 704-814-0004

2 1.Introduction to Enhanced Security 2.Implementing a Security Model 3.Auditing and Reporting 4.IFM Security Information 5.iSeries Profile and Object Authorities 6.Prerequisites Agenda

3 Why is it necessary? Auditor Requirements Documented security policy and procedures Formal approval for user rights Regular auditing and monitoring Protect investors, employees, community CAS Security Difficult to determine how user has access to tasks No auditing capability Risk to productivity when changes are made iSeries Security Many factors affect user access to system and objects No central management tool Enhanced Security for XA

4 ES can help Add-on application written using Integrator Implemented by environment XA components: Security Modeling and Planning Routine Auditing and Reporting View Current User Rights iSeries components: User Profile auditing Object Authority auditing Enhanced Security for XA

5 Power and Flexibility of the XA Client architecture: –Create views and subsets –Export to Excel Add-on Application using Integrator

6 Install in each environment Includes all CAS tasks (if assigned to an area) Includes IFM Application tasks (in base features only) Auditing for each environment including IFM task security Implemented by environment

7 Security Model - Create and finalize a new security model Security Audits - Track changes to security Current Environment - View current security configuration and user rights in the environment Enhanced Security Application Card

8 Provides for implementation of new plan –Import users, groups, areas, and tasks from CAS files –Decide what you want to lock –Create groups and authorize to tasks –Assign users to groups –View current and planned user rights Optional component Note: this is all done in the model – not the live environment Security Modeling and Planning

9 Import from the current environment: –Users –Groups –Areas and tasks –Group Authorities –Private Authorities You don’t have to start from scratch! 1. Import Security Components

10 Subsets –Unlocked –Application –Type Mass Change Model Template It’s Easy! 2. Decide what you want to lock

11 Subsets Views Mass Change R7 –Quick Change –Append subsets Model Template Piece of Cake! 3. Create groups & authorize to tasks

12 Validation Subsets –User Groups –Group members Templates Return-to-create Your model is almost ready! 4. Assign users to groups

13 Current and planned rights A. User being reviewed B. Tasks the user is granted C. How access was granted Private (user id) Group (group id) Not locked (blank) A B C 5. View user rights

14 Compare planned versus current rights –View tasks user will no longer have access to –View tasks user could not do before (for approval) –Final Adjustments to the model Export files to a test environment for user testing –Included with modeling option –Handles security validation stamps Benefits –Reduce risk of affecting user productivity at go live –Resolve issues quickly after plan is implemented Advanced Analysis and Testing

15 Rights Revoked: If users need any of these rights to do their jobs, they will be adversely affected when the plan is implemented. Enhanced Security lets you make sure this won’t happen. Advanced Analysis

16 Rights Granted: SOX requires that all access be reviewed by authorizing manager. With Enhanced Security, you can export user rights to standard forms for management approval. Advanced Analysis We can use Integrator to build approvals right in to the application!!!

17 Testing is critical to ensure users are not affected by the new plan. Users from every group Formal test plan Enhanced Security provides an export process for moving user rights from the model to an XA environment on the same or different iSeries. Validation stamps generated No re-keying Testing

18 Auditors require regular review of changes to security authorizations Enhanced Security provides: Detailed Transaction History Security Change Audit Violations to Segregation of Duties Regular Audit Reports Security Auditing and Reporting

19 Start Auditing –Saves an image of environment security files –Journals are activated on the files –Changes in user rights are extracted from the journals Routine Auditing and Reporting

20 Determine how a user has gained access to a task Quickly identify the area(s) where changes need to be made Customize views, subsets, and sorts View or Host Print Detailed Transaction History

21 Net Changes only (since last run) Navigate to Detailed Transactions that resulted in the change View or Print Report Security Change Audits

22 Schedule regular Auditor reports Set Audit Options Regular Reporting – Scheduled Job

23 Summarize authority granted to users for the reporting period From last run date (monthly changes) Security Audit Report

24 Users who have authority for tasks that auditors define as conflict of interest, for example: Create a purchase order Generate an AP check Security Audit Reports High-Risk Authority Conflicts

25 IFM Security View and Print IFM Users IFM Applications User Authority to Applications IFM Application Tasks User Defaults User rights to IFM Tasks are shown with CAS application tasks so you can see everything the user can do

26 IFM Security User Authorities to IFM Applications

27 IFM Security IFM Application Tasks

28 IFM Security IFM User Defaults

29 All user rights to CAS and IFM Tasks in one place View user rights

30 iSeries Security User Profiles – view and print Power Users Logon Statistics Password Info Groups and group membership Startup Information

31 iSeries Security iSeries User Profiles – Special Authorities

32 iSeries Security iSeries User Profiles – Password Information

33 iSeries Security Object Authorities – view and print All objects – all libraries User rights – display/maintain XA objects not owned by AMAPICS

34 iSeries Security iSeries Object Authorities

35 Integrator (R6 or R7) –R6 requires new business objects created at installation OS V5R3 or higher All functions to be secured must be set up in CAS as tasks and assigned to an area Prerequisites

36 New Feature Database File Audit File being corrupted or changed outside of XA You need to know who and how it’s done Turn on auditing for the file Starts journaling if not already Extracts information View who made changes to the file and if they used outside tools to do it (SQL, DFU, and others)

37 Base Package: Enhanced Security $9,500.00 XA Security Views and Reports IFM Security Views iSeries Security Views Installation /Training Services Three days on-site plus expenses Optional Features and Services: Security Model feature$ 4,500.00 Security Consulting Services$1,600.00/day Security Audit (2-3 days) Security Planning and setup (approx 10-15 days) ES Packaging and Pricing

38 Thank you! Questions?

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