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Ch 4 Government The Federal System.

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1 Ch 4 Government The Federal System

2 Assessments 1-4 Embed the Assessments into your notes
Use the vocabulary in your explanations

3 Section 1 National & State Powers
STGs. Students explain: The differences between expressed and implied powers. Answer: Expressed are stated or in writing while implied are “understood” to be a part of the job. How does the overall power of the national gov’t compare to that of the states? Support your answer. Answer: The national gov’t has MORE power. Article ___________, Section _________ Supreme Court: _______________ v _______________, 1819

4 The Division of Powers The Constitution divides powers among two levels of government: _____________________________ and _____________________________ This division of powers among the different levels of government is called _______________________________________

5 Compare & Contrast the Division of Powers
National & State Governments Concurrent Powers State Government R __________ Powers National Government E__________ , I___________ & I __________ Powers

6 Guarantees to the States

7 Admission of New States
Explain the steps of the process: Once admitted, each __________ is _________ to other _____________.

8 What are the different ways that states have been added?
Created from existing states. Examples: Admitted w/o Enabling Act: __________ formed when it split from __________ _____________ over secession. 4. Annexed: 5. Land Purchased:

9 Conditions for Admission
Requirements for admission can be added by either ____________ or the ______________.

10 NGA Stands for _________ __________ ________
How does it help the governors? How does it shape National Policy? Give examples:

11 Who handles conflicts between states?

12 Section 2 Relations Among the States
STGs: Students explain What provisions of Article IV of the Constitution attempt to provide for cooperation among the various state governments? Answer: (see next slide) What are some of the purposes of interstate compacts?

13 Interstate Relations Article IV requires states to do the following:
Explain each, do not just list. 1. 2. 3.

14 Interstate Compacts

15 Lawsuits Between States

16 Section 3 Developing Federalism
STGs Compare the view of the federal gov’t as seen by States Rightists and a Nationalist/Federalist. What events show that federalism has been dynamic (changing) rather than static since the 1960s.



19 How has the National Government grown in power?

20 Federal Aid to States Trend in: Population Spending
Shifting Responsibilities

21 Section 4 Federalism and Politics
STGs: How has federalism benefitted the two-party system? What advantages does federalism provide a person who may be dissatisfied with conditions in his or her state/area?

22 Federalism & Public Policy
How has public policy changed due to federalism? Explain each S___________ ________ 2. S ___________ ________

23 How does Federalism provide more opportunities for political participation?
Political Parties Someone unhappy with politics in his/her area?

24 Federalism’s Professional Politicians
B________________ - their job is… United States Conference of _____________

25 Differences Among the States
How does federalism contribute to: Economic differences among states Political differences among states

26 The Direction of Federalism
How is the power shifting between the federal government and the states?

27 Check Did you embed the Assessments into your notes?
Did you explain (defined and gave examples) Did you answer: What When Where Why How Who

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