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Mrs. Attard Advanced CP Algebra 1

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1 Mrs. Attard Advanced CP Algebra 1
Get a textbook from the filing cabinet in the back of the room. Find your name and write your textbook number on the sheet that is located on the back blackboard. You may take any seat for today. Seats will be assigned next week. Write your name and the year in your textbook using a pen. Take out your summer packet.

2 Who is Mrs. Attard? This is my 13th year teaching.
I have been happily married for 6 years.

ASPEN ALL GRADES ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE The tracking of the number of missed or incomplete assignments can be accessed in ASPEN by referencing the column labeled “# Missing Homework”. This column carries no weight on the daily class average. The number in the “# Missing Homework” column is of importance only. Remember that number represents missing assignments to date. At the end of each marking period the Department’s Homework Policy will be enacted and the final average adjusted appropriately.

4 Homework We will be following the VHS Math Department HW Policy.
Your homework must be neat and organized. All work must be shown on lined paper. No Work = No Credit Your answers must be circled or boxed in. You must show evidence that you check your answers. Use a highlighter! On occasion, homework will be collected and scored.


6 First Day Questions (Due on Wednesday, Sept. 3rd) READ SIDE BOARD School Supplies Needed Grading Policy Math Dept. HW Policy VHS Grading Scale



9 No earbuds/headphones No Chromebooks
In Our Classroom Room 169 No Cellphones No earbuds/headphones No Chromebooks (unless we are using them for a class assignment)

10 Summer Packet CP Algebra 1 All of your work must be shown.
No Work = No Credit The answers will be given in class tomorrow. The answers are also available on my website.

11 CP Algebra 1 Summer Packet Test will be on Wednesday, September 3rd.  There will be a calculator and no calculator part. There are 20 questions which are worth 5 points each. You will be allowed to retake the Summer Packet Test one time only.  The last day to complete the retake is Wednesday, September 24th.  You can take the retake from 2:30-3:10 on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday in our classroom.   


13 Email me tonight if you would like to sit in the front of the classroom.


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