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10/11/20141 2009-2010 Final Report: A One Year Review Circuit Rider Pilot Project York County, Pennsylvania Jake Romig, York County Circuit Rider.

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1 10/11/20141 2009-2010 Final Report: A One Year Review Circuit Rider Pilot Project York County, Pennsylvania Jake Romig, York County Circuit Rider

2 “I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for making available the grant program for Jake Romig dealing with waterway usage issues in York County. Jake has put in a great deal of hard work on behalf of Yoe Borough in this area. He has been instrumental in working through the regulatory issues regarding our flood impoundment project for the borough. Jake has also taken the lead on grant applications for the borough providing quick turn around times on these applications. His professionalism has significantly helped Yoe Borough stand out from other applicants. The Yoe Borough Council appreciates the work that Jake does on our behalf. The knowledge base he has to pull from is incredible and it provides a service that a municipality our size would not otherwise have access to. We would not be able to compete with the larger municipalities seeking grants or trying to simply do municipal business with the State of Pennsylvania’s numerous regulatory agencies without his experience and contacts. Thank you again for your support of this vital program. Sincerely, Sam Snyder President, Yoe Borough Council Sincerely, John G. Sanford Mayor, Yoe Borough” 10/11/20142


4 The Circuit Rider (CR) Basis Studies Done, Plans Complete, Results Are In But Bay Continues Decline LGAC “Gap Between Local Governments and Bay Restoration Goals/Objectives Where Do LG’s Fit In, What’s Their Role, Getting Started, Available Resources While resources do exist at the county & local level, they don’t have capacity and capability for a start to finish service. 10/11/20144

5 Facilitating Implementation: The CR Concept Organize and Manage Local Watershed Projects Accelerate Local Implementation of Bay Restoration Activities/Projects Assist Local Municipal Partners Active Engagement – No Waiting for Volunteerism Free of Charge 10/11/20145

6 “ The CR will facilitate the achievement of local goals and objectives related to water resources. The CR must have the capability, but not necessarily the capacity, to implement every project from start to finish. They must have a clear understanding of existing plans and studies and must also fully understand the issues, both regionally and locally, facing the Bay, and local watersheds, and how the two are intimately related. They must be technically proficient such that given capacity, they would be able to achieve successful implementation on their own. ” 10/11/20146

7 7 The York County Circuit Rider operates county wide as an expansion of the Codorus Watershed Project.

8 Flooding – N. Codorus Township 10/11/20148 Severe Flooding/Damage on S. Br. Codorus Creek Coordination with ACOE & Congressman Todd Platt’s Office Coordinated and Developed a Scope of Work Sought Federal Funding Working On New Stormwater Management Ordinance

9 Direct Landowner Assistance 10/11/20149 Assisted Approximately 25 Landowners Prepared Evaluation & Action Plan Continued Assistance for Implementation Grant Writing as Necessary On Site Assistance

10 Mill Creek Yoe Borough and York Township 10/11/201410 Stormwater Basin Restoration Design Assistance for Long Term Solution Coordination Between Yoe & York Township Mitigation Assistance Permitting Assistance Coordination With State & Federal Agencies Project Will: Reduce downstream Flooding Reduce Sedimentation Downstream Create > 1 Acre of Wetlands

11 Recapture the Riverfront City of York 10/11/201411 Redevelopment of Flood Channel Corridor Assess Ownership Potential Environmental and Economic Implications Duties of Circuit Rider Facilitate Implementation Grant Writing Grant Administration Project Oversight

12 Grant Writing & Assistance 10/11/201412 7 Grants Since Last April 75% Success Rate > 1 Million In Funding Several Municipalities & 2 Watershed Groups

13 Municipal and Landowner Workshops 10/11/201413 Environmental Advisory Councils Transfer of Development Rights Impaired Waters and TMDLs Stream Best Management Practices Updating Municipal Landscape Ordinances (natives) Growing Greener – Conservation By Design Agricultural Zoning Open Space Community Investment – Land Preservation Sustainable Forestry

14 Poor House Run – City of York 10/11/201414 Services Requested/Provided: Project Design Project Permitting Construction Management

15 Communication and Outreach Communication and Outreach Circuit Rider Newsletter(s) Stream BMP Manual Final December 2010 Landowner Site Visits 40 Landowner Requests Municipal Meetings Circuit Rider Summit/Network

16 TMDL Workgroup TMDL Workgroup State’s WIP Development Representatives from all Sector Groups A Resource to the State Where Can York County Get Reductions Vested Interest & Buy-In From Beginning Fourth Meeting Just Held Comments on PA WIP

17 Additional Projects - 2010 10/11/201417 Stone Hill Development – Stormwater Pond Riparian Buffer Ordinance Shrewsbury Township Illegal Dump Survey Army Corps of Engineers Study

18 Results: What Worked, What Didn’t 10/11/201418 Turf Wars – Better Communication On the ground reductions of nutrients & sediments. 1,051,875 lbs/year reduced/will be reduced. Are local governments engaged? YES!! – 8 Actively involved & counting. Funding – Long Term Sustainability Local Capacity Building: We’re all in this together!

19 Next Steps Continue Support of 2009/2010 Projects Identify Potential Long-Term Funding Sources Increased Collaboration to Identify Additional Partners Increase Engagement of Local Governments Grow Circuit Rider Network Identify Next PA CR – Funding Sources

20 10/11/201420 “I met our Circuit Rider, Jake Romig, a few years back while researching effective ways to reduce erosion and flooding in our borough. Jake's vast knowledge of the South Branch Codorus along with his experience in grant writing became very evident in our correspondence. Glen Rock Borough was recently awarded a 319 Grant through DEP to lay porous pavement in our municipal parking lot and build up our stream bank to alleviate runoff and erosion problems into the adjacent stream which runs through the center of our downtown district. Honestly, without Jake's contribution, Glen Rock would not have received this grant. Thank you for creating the Circuit Rider Program that provides for Jake’s assistance. Sincerely; Lucy Cadwallader Glen Rock Borough Council”

21 10/11/201421 THANK YOU The first year of the York County Circuit Rider Pilot Project was a success and could only have been made possible with the support of our partners. The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, York County Community Foundation, Ecostruction, LLC, and our local partners would like to thank the Chesapeake Bay Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Local Government Advisory Committee for their hard work, dedication, and financial support in creating this valuable model that can be replicated across the Bay watershed. THANK YOU & Local Government Advisory Committee

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