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Le Monde Francophone Le football Le football.

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2 Le Monde Francophone

3 Le football Le football

4 Le Tennis

5 Longchamps Horseracing

6 Le Mans - Auto-racing

7 Le Tour de France tour de france 2011 pub tour de france 2011 pub

8 Les escargots

9 Les baguettes et le fromage!

10 Le vin

11 Yves Saint Laurent

12 Louis Vuitton

13 Channel

14 Girbaud

15 Lacoste

16 Renoir

17 Seurat

18 Degas

19 Toulouse-Lautrec

20 Monet

21 Victor Hugo




25 Le Petit Prince Saint-Exupery

26 Les Bandes Dessinées BarbarTintin

27 Asterix

28 Renault Peugeot

29 La Révolution Américaine General LaFayette Le Comte de Rochambeau

30 Les exploreurs français LaSalle, Marquette, Joliet, Cartier, Champlain

31 American Cities with French names ace_names_of_French_origin#Missouri ace_names_of_French_origin#Missouri Detroit Baton Rouge Saint Louis

32 René Descartes JE PENSE; DONC, JE SUIS!

33 Marie Curie

34 Les Montgolfier Brothers

35 5q2kw6RM&feature=related

36 Les medecins sans frontières




40 French and Your Career A Language of Diplomacy French, along with English, is the official working language of: the United Nations the International Monetary Fund the European Community The International Red Cross the Olympics

41 French and Tourism More tourists visit France than any other country in the world.

42 French and Your Career Science and Technology French is the second language of the internet (after English). France is a major world research center in the field of high energy physics.. The French are the world's third manufacturers of electronics equipment. France has one of the most advanced systems of telecommunications in the world. Fiber optics were invented in France.

43 French and Your Career Healthcare and Medicine The French are a world leader in medical research: the AIDS virus was first isolated by French doctors

44 French and Your Career Transportation The fastest train (TGV) is French. The fastest commercial airplane (Concorde) is French (built in collaboration with British Airways). France is the fourth largest producer of automobiles in the world (Renault, Peugeot, Citroën) and third largest exporter. (All Mack trucks are manufactured by Renault.)

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