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Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Reading: dying to be thin.

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2 Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Reading: dying to be thin

3 Some people are overweight, some are a little fat, and some are slim. Which figure do you prefer? 1 2 3

4 If you are the person who is a little overweight, how would you lose weight?

5 work out in the gym (exercise, do sports) take weight –loss pills have an operation go on a diet (eat less food) Ways of losing weight 1 2 3 4

6 Prediction Read the title and predict what the passage may be about? losing-weight

7 listen and answer Where does Amy come from? What kind of pills did Amy take? Who keeps telling Amy not to take those pills? Canada. Weight-loss pills called Fat-less. Amy's mother.

8 Main point : 1 Dying to be thin 2 Recovering 3 Re: Recovering Amy was recovering from liver failure and regret taking those pills. Zhou Ling was sorry to hear about Amy’s problems and hoped that she as well as all the others who’d like to lose weight could value the importance of health. In order to lose weight, Amy takes weight-loss pills and become slimmer and slimmer.

9 Careful-reading Read this passage carefully and finish exercises.

10 Careful reading : Read the first e-mail, and fill in the blanks. Reasons for losing weight Ways of losing weight Results Looking ( ) is important to women in Canada. She ( ) to go to the gym to work out ( ) times a week. She is becoming ( ) and has lost ( ) kg in the last months. She feels ( ) of her body. She is now taking ( ) and her goal is to lose at least ( ) kg. Sometimes she feels ( ). She is preparing to act ( ). Her mother says health is ( ). goodused three slimmer and slimmer 7 ashamed in a new TV play weight-loss pills 10 not so energetic most important

11 Read the second e-mail, do T or F Exercise. 1.Amy is now recovering from a bad cold in hospital. ( ) 2.Zhou Ling donated part of his liver to save Amy ’ s life. ( ) 3.Amy follows doctor ’ s advice and often goes to the gym. ( ) 4.Now Amy eats lots of fruit and vegetables. ( ) 5.For a slim and attractive figure, we can damage our health. ( ) liver failure seldom can ’ t F F F F T

12 happy frustrated hopeful Moods of Amy

13 Read the third e-mail, and then answer some questions. 1.Why did Zhou Ling fail to answer Amy ’ s e-mail in time? 2.How did Zhou Ling feel when she heard about Amy ’ s problems? 3.How did she feel when she heard Amy was recovering? 4. What does Zhou Ling think of Amy? 5. What's Zhou Ling's hope to some Chinese people? Her computer was broken. She was sorry to hear about it. She was glad. She looks great and she is a wonderful person. They should learn from Amy's story.

14 Zhou ’ s reply: sorry glad understand ing hoping Nothing is more important than health.

15 Now you are a reporter and you want to interview some students about their opinions on losing weight. Please design some questions to interview them.

16 Consolidation 1.Amy, a ________ actress, is taking _________ pills to lose ______ and has lost ___ kg in the last two months. However, she don’t feel _________ 2. A ________ chemical contained in the pills caused her ______ to fail. Canadian weight-loss weight 7 energetic harmful liver

17 3. Zhou Ling was _______ to hear about Amy’s problems. She told Amy and others that nothing is more important than _______. sorry health

18 Don't sacrifice ( 牺牲 ) your health for good looking!

19 homework Search more information about losing weight online Underline the language points in the passage


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