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1 HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues. 2 TOOLKIT / HDF-EOS Support.

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1 1 HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues

2 2 TOOLKIT / HDF-EOS Support

3 3 ECS Support of HDF-EOS

4 4 Downloadable Software

5 5 SDP Toolkit ( Science Data Processing Tools ) MTD Toolkit (Metadata, Time/ Date Tools ) HDF-EOS2 (HDF4 based) HDF-EOS5 (HDF5 based) heconvert (converts HDF4 - based Grid/Point/Swath structures to HDF-EOS 5 equivalents) DumpMetadata (Dump HDF-EOS metadata)

6 6 Downloadable Applications HEG - GeoTIFF conversion - Spatial subsetting, Field Subsetting - reprojection - stitching, sub-sampling and more …. HDFView Plug-in, Java-based browser (HDF4, HDF5, HDF-EOS 2 and 5 access) HE5View* (HDF5 - based browser) EOSView* (HDF4 - based browser) * Dropped support for OS updates on July 2006

7 7

8 8 Software Releases SDP Toolkit/HDF-EOS : Last release – July 2009 – TOOLKIT – HDF-EOS 2.16, HDF- EOS with HDF4.2r4, HDF , Szip2.1 Next release – June 2010 – TOOLKIT – HDF-EOS 2.17, HDF-EOS with new releases of HDF4 (2r5), 5 (1.8.4 patch 1)

9 9 Software Releases MTD Toolkit: Last release – Dec 2006 – Version – in-sync with SDP TOOLKIT – with HDF4.2r0, HDF , Szip1.2 Next release – July 2010 – Version – in-sync with SDP TOOLKIT – with new releases of HDF4 (2r5), 5 (1.8.4 patch 1)

10 10 HEG (HDF-EOS2 to GeoTIFF Converter): Last release – Dec 2009 – Version 2.10 – Patch release Jan 2010 Next release – Aug 2010 – Version 2.11 Software Releases

11 11 Software Releases HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView: Last release – Sep 2008 – Version 2.4 Next release – Apr 2010 – For HDFView Version 2.6

12 12 Software Releases HECONVERT ( HECONVERT (HDF-EOS2 to HDF-EOS5 Converter): Last releases – 2001, 2004 No Versioning – Oct Version 2.0 DumpMetadata DumpMetadata (ASCII Dump of HDF-EOS metadata) Last release – Dec Version 1.0

13 13 TOOLKIT: – XML metadata writing capability for inventory metadata in SDP toolkit (MLS) – ODL fix (WriteLable) for potential core dump while writing long input pointer metadata attributes (AIRS) – Support TOOLKIT for CYGWIN – pccheck utility fix for problems resulting with empty space at a line beginning in PCF file Recent Development/Fixes

14 14 HDF-EOS5: – Correcting wrong tiling and compression info in the structure metadata – Use of unlimited dimension in HDF-EOS5 (Users Guide clarification) – Correction of output attribute data types in attribute inquiry routine – Fix for writing int8 data correctly to output hdf5 file with C calls. There was no such a problem with Fortran calls Recent Development/Fixes

15 15 HDF-EOS2: – Correction for internal compression method detection for the products that are compressed internally after the production, possibly using hrepack (structure metadata has no record of compression info) – Fixed PTdeftimeperiod to return an error when stop time < start time Recent Development/Fixes

16 16 HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView: – Support for all features in HDFView2.6 – Correction for displayed lat/lon in a swath around the international date line – Bug fix for HDF5 fillvalue and chunking info display – Bug fixes for saving HDF-EOS5 files after modification Recent Development/Fixes

17 17 HEG: Added Product Support: – AMSR-E Daily 25 Km Sea Ice AE_SI25 – AMSR-E Daily land AE_Land3 – MOD29E1D: MODIS/Terra Sea Ice Extent & IST Daily L3 Global 4km EASE-Grid Day, Version 4 – Tested many new products and updated the list of Hegable MODIS, ASTER, AIRS, MISR, and AMSR-E products in HEG Users Guide and HEG web site Recent Development/Fixes

18 18 Enhancement: – Added a new projection, Cylindrical Equa Area (CEA), to support AMSR-E Daily Land product. – Pixel resampling support for gridded data with No- Reprojection – Outputting all fields in a file to a single HDF-EOS output when HDF-EOS output is requested. – Setting of projection parameters for multiband geotiff only once in the GUI Recent Development/Fixes

19 19 Bug fixes: – Pixel size unit correction for consistency between conversion and stitch GUIs. – Problem resolution with several products MOD43C3, MOD10CM, MOD29P1N, AE_RnGd, AE_Rain – Correcting sphere radius written to outputs for MODIS SIN grids – Resolving problems with band selection in stitch GUI with occasional core dump (runs that take long time to complete) in Datapool HEGserver Recent Development/Fixes

20 20 Future Plans TOOLKIT/HDF-EOS: XML Metadata reading in TOOLKIT Support for new versions of HDF4 - HDF5 Update of DEM land-sea mask Auto Configuration for TOOLKIT Support (or improvements) for 64-bit platforms Validation tool for HDF-EOS5 files Fix for reported bugs

21 21 Future Plans (cont.) HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView: More functionalities : – Cut/paste objects, modify/delete attributes. – Create new grid/swath – Support Zonal Average object for HDF-EOS5HEG: – Performance improvement for Lambert Azimuthal Projection conversion – Support HEG in MAC Intel – Resolve reported bugs or requests from DAACs/Users

22 22 Availability Access to libraries, applications, Documentation : TOOLKIT: HDFView: HEG: – –

23 23

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