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Implementation of PE(HKDSE) PE Section EDB 16.5.2012.

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1 Implementation of PE(HKDSE) PE Section EDB 16.5.2012

2 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2012 – PE School candidates : 695 Private candidates : 8 2_HKDSE_FULL_eng_final.pdf

3 Schools offering PEX More than 70 schools offer PEX 2011-2012 new schools offering PEX

4 DLG Networks (30 schools of 8 networks; host mode and cooperative mode) Kwai Chung Network: 5 schools Tuen Mun Network: 3 schools Kwun Tong Network: 4 schools Tai Po Network: 3 schools Kowloon West Network: 3 schools Kowloon Central Network: 4 schools Tin Shui Wai (1) Network: 2 schools Tin Shui Wai (2) Network: 6 schools

5 Kwai Chung School Network A 5-school network formed in 2009 Mass lecture Learning and teaching of physical activities Assessment of physical activities

6 PEX survey 2011-12 Enough curriculum time to cover the content L/T resources: No published textbook. Majority of schools use the PE(HKDSE) Learning &Teaching Package and a published local reference book L&T approaches adopted: traditional teaching (>70%), newspapers commentary (>60%), group discussion and presentation (>70%) Most selected physical activities: athletics and basketball Most school adopted different strategies to cater for learner diversity: teachers’ script on questioning, L&T materials and assignments

7 CDC-HKEAA Committee on PE (Senior Secondary) HKDSE PE Assessment Framework Draft of the School-based Assessment Recommended Tasks for HKDSE PE

8 Focus group sharing 9 teachers from 9 schools met on 8.3.2012 – Function of PEX – Curriculum time – Resources – Learning and teaching (learning by doing, learner diversity…) – SBA – Issues (workload, U admission, PEX status…)

9 Professional development programmes Understanding Internal Assessment NSS Learning and Teaching Strategies NSS Enriching Knowledge Thematic series: - Fitness and HealthFitness and Health - Long Distance RunningLong Distance Running

10 Resources PE(HKDSE) Learning and Teaching Package Web resources (EDB, video at HKEdCity, Youtube …) Newspaper / Magazine RTHK TV Programmes Others

11 Support Professional development Learning and teaching resources School visits Assessment bank

12 Assessment Bank 教育局評估課業參考站

13 Public examination Examination papers Practice Papers (Jan 2012) (markers) HKDSE Papers (May 2012) (markers) SBA HKEAA seminar

14 Issues After-school supplementary classes Drop-out

15 Way forward Student personal pathway Comprehensive review of HKDSE

16 Useful links New Academic Structure Web Bulletin NSS PE Elective HKDSE

17 Thank You !

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