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HKBUAS Information and Communication Technology NSS Subject Introduction.

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1 HKBUAS Information and Communication Technology NSS Subject Introduction

2 ICT – Technology Education 1. Curriculum Framework 2. Curriculum Planning 3. Assessment Framework 4. University Entrance Requirement

3 Curriculum Aims To provide students with essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer systems To equip students with problem-solving and communication skills, and encourage them to think critically and creatively To develop students into competent, effective, discriminating, ethical and confident users of ICT for their lifelong learning To nurture students with positive values and attitudes towards appreciating the impact of ICT on our knowledge-based society

4 Curriculum Framework The Compulsory Part (165 hours) A. Information Processing 64 hours B. Computer System Fundamentals 25 hours C. Internet and its Applications 28 hours D. Basic Programming Concepts 20 hours E. Social Implications 28 hours The Elective Part (75 hours) A. Databases B. Data Communications and Networking C. Multimedia Production and Web Site Development D. Software Development School-based Assessment (30 hours)

5 The Compulsory Part a.Introduction to Information Processing b.Data Organization and Data Control c.Data Representation d.The Use of Office Automation Software e.Presentation of Information a.Basic Machine Organization b.System Software c.Computer Systems a.The Networking and Internet Basics b.Internet Services and Applications c.Elementary Web Authoring a.Problem-solving Procedures b.Algorithm Design c.Algorithm Testing a.Equity of Access b.Work and Health Issues c.Intellectual Property d.Threats and Security on the Internet Computer System Fundamentals Information Processing Internet and its Applications Internet and its Applications Basic Programming Concepts Social Implications

6 The Elective Part 4 options, choose one only Databases Software Development Data Communications and Networking Multimedia Production and Web Site Development

7 The Elective Part a.Introduction to Databases b.Relational Databases c.Introduction to Database Design Methodology d.Database Applications, Development and Society a.Data Communication s and Networking Basics b.Network Design and Implementation c.Network Management and Security a.Multimedia Production b.Web Site Development a.Programming b.Programming Languages c.Systems Development Data Communications and Networking Databases Multimedia Production and Web Site Development Software Development

8 School-based Assessment Individual project Context related to both the Compulsory Part and Elective Part Teacher providing guidance and advice to students individually

9 Assessment components PE & SBA 3 components Public Examination Compulsory part Public Examination Elective part School-based Assessment (SBA) 20% 25% 55% 1 hour 30 minutes 2 hours Project with written report

10 University Entrance Requirement No specific subject requirements for HKU, HKBU, HKUST, HKIE, HKLNU CUHKPolyUCityU Electronic Engineering; Mechanical & Automation Engineering Computer Engineering; Computer Science; System Engineering; Engineering Management Mathematics and Information Engineering Design Faculty Faculty of Science & Engineering

11 Reference School-based Assessment of HKCEE Computer & Information Technology

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