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Prehistoric and Ancient Greek Art

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1 Prehistoric and Ancient Greek Art

2 Venus of Willendorf A goddess of fertility dating back to the Stone Age, approximately 25,000 BC

3 Cave Paintings at Lascaux, France Date from the Paleolithic Age, approximately 17,000 BC

4 Stonehenge An ancient site located in Wiltshire, England, believed used for worship and dating back to 3100 BC. The stones weigh 4 tons, and are 6’6” high.

5 The Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx
Located outside of Cairo, Egypt, an ancient Egyptian burial site, dating from BC. The Sphinx is 240 ft. long and 66 ft high.

6 Mask of Tutankhamen 1341-1323 BC

7 Archaic Greek Sculpture 800-500 BC
In general, Archaic Greek sculpture is stylized, simplified, rigid and symmetrical (perfectly balanced). Kouros- Statues of young men in a nude, frontal striding pose. Left foot forward, head straight, eyes front, arms straight. Kore- Female counterpart of Kouros with the addition of heavy, draped garments and braided hair.

8 Calf Bearer 550 BC. Sculptor Unknown
Shows unity between man and beast through diagonals formed by the man’s arms and the calf’s legs and the alignment of the heads. Calf’s expression and displaced hair show realism. Features Archaic Smile*

9 Archaic Smile A mysterious smile, flat and unnatural, believed to suggest health and well-being, or that the subject is alive.

10 Classical Period Sculpture 500-400 BC
General Characteristics: Still formal and balanced, but more realistic in presentation. Reflects the principal of foreshortening. (Elements that are closer appear larger) Known for the “S” Curve, or more relaxed “s” shaped stance of human body.

11 The Charioteer of Delphi – 474 BC
Originally made of bronze and created to commemorate a victory in a chariot race. Trend toward realism is shown in the details of the face and feet, and the folds in garment and hem.

12 The Discus Thrower (Discobolus) by Myron 460 BC
The effect of movement created through the use of a real-life model. Shows expression of inner feeling and concentration. Example of “S” curve

13 Hermes and Dionysus by Praxiteles Late classical- 400 BC
Detail in facial expression show emotion and playfulness. Faces are more natural and expressive and pose is also more natural.

14 Hellenistic Sculpture – 400 BC- 146 AD
General Characteristics – continued trend toward realism, natural figures, and the portrayal of inner feelings and experience. Included more scenes from daily life, with less emphasis on religious subjects. Honored female beauty for the first time Included “dynamic” (moving) rather than “static” (unmoving) for the first time.

15 Venus De Milo –Aphrodite of Melos Alexander of Antioch (?) 100 BC
Represents an ideal of female beauty. Originally decorated with paint and jewels. Example of “contrapposto” posture, in which shoulders and arms twist off-axis from hips and legs to give a more relaxed, life-like stance.

16 Winged Victory – Nike of Samothrace 200-190 BC Sculptor Unknown
Although heavily damaged, it shows mastery of movement and form, and is admired for garments’ rippled effect.

17 Laocoon by Athanadoros, Hagesandros and Polydoros of Rhodes 160-20 BC
Made of white marble, the statue is known for the dynamic grouping of the figures, clear depiction of events, and the expression of suffering. Greatly influenced Renaissance Art.

18 Vase Painting Shows influence of Egyptian’s formal style. Figures shown in profile, eyes to front. Told stories of the gods and heroes in pictures. Also created to recognize an occasion, such as a birth, death or wedding.

19 Vase Painting Cont’d. During the Classical period, vases were first painted white, then the image was drawn and painted in color. Use of darker and thicker lines created a 3-D effect. With the introduction of metals in the 5th century, vase painting died out.

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