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Did Your “WHY” Go on Vacation How to Get Yourself Back on Track After the Summer Fun.

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1 Did Your “WHY” Go on Vacation How to Get Yourself Back on Track After the Summer Fun

2 Optimal Health Summer


4 “Optimal Health is a journey taken one step, one habit, and one day at a time”

5 Are YOU Holding Yourself Back From Success?

6 Not the “D” Word Again 85% of people that go on a “diet” and do not make lifestyle changes put their weight back on within 2 years. 1) Are YOU ready to break the cycle? 2) Are YOU ready to get healthy? 3) Will YOU allow YOUR coach to coach YOU? If your answer is YES, then let’s get going!

7 How Do I Get Back on Track? Step 1: Identify your WHY? What do YOU want? Have a clear vision! Know it in your head! See it with your eyes! Feel it in your heart! Want it in your gut!

8  Create a dream board and post it!  Write down your goals/dreams/desires and post them where you see them every day  Allow yourself to dream about what you want  Share your WHY, goals & dreams with your coach Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true You deserve to create the life that you want!

9 Step 2: Do the work to make the lifestyle changes  We all try to make life style changes with varying degrees of success  Focus on creating new healthy habits rather then wasting energy trying to get rid of the things that we don’t want. Over time, your old habits will lose their power How do I do it?

10 Use Your FREE Bionetwork of Support

11 1) Read the Habits of Health 2) Do the worksheets in the Companion Guide 3) Watch, study & learn the DVD: A Healthy Body & Healthy Mind Learn the habits of health

12 4) Discuss with your coach: What did you learn this week? How do you see yourself incorporating what you learned into your life? 5) Work with your coach as you hit your bumps in the road on your journey

13 6) Listen to the support calls weekly (live or recorded) 7) Talk to your health coach weekly or more often if you are struggling 8) Create & use a structural tension chart What is a structural tension chart?? Lesson 7 in the Companion Guide You’ve made the decision to create optimal health. I’m not asking if you think you can do it, only if you would make the choice when offered If yes, this fundamental choice will drive all of your primary & secondary choices as you move forward

14 Goals/Desired Outcome Action Steps 7. 6. to 5 4. Achieve Your Goals 3 2. 1. Current Reality

15 I will be wearing my size 6 black party dress for the office party on 12/1/12 9) I will weigh myself twice weekly on M & F 8) I will hang my party dress on the closet door 7) I will listen to the nurses call 6) I will read ch 1 & 2 of Habits of Health 5) I will do lessons 1, 2 & 3 of the Companion Guide 4) I will talk to my HC daily or more often if I am off the 5 & 1 3) I will follow the 5 & 1 daily 2) I will email my HC my goals for the week of 9/19/12 1) I will write my goals for the week of 9/19/12 Currently I weigh 175 lbs with a BMI of 30, my back hurts, I am on BP meds & I am a size 10

16 9) STOP/CONTEMPLATE/CHOOSE 10) Hang a visual reminder up of what you want: hang that party dress up post a picture of Hawaii post a picture of the bathing suit you will buy post a picture of the ski trip location 11) Create your own support network 12) Ask your family/friends/co-workers for support

17 What’s the Next Step?  Raise your hand and let your health coach know you are ready to go!  Make the commitment to yourself that you will work with your coach  When you hit a hurdle, reach out to your coach and allow yourself to be helped  Your coach is committed to your success!

18 “The word “success” obviously means different things to different people. It is not a place, an end or even a specific accomplishment. Rather, success is a journey, an ongoing process of achievement that causes us to grow and brings fulfillment, meaning, purpose and joy to our lives.” -Dr. A’s Habits of Health

19 Trust Your Coach

20 “When you know what you want and you want it bad enough it, you will find a way to get it!” Jim Rohn


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