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Hayden, Kaden, Hayley, Lekseee THE WIZARD OF OZ AND POPULISM.

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1 Hayden, Kaden, Hayley, Lekseee THE WIZARD OF OZ AND POPULISM

2 POPULISM “The movement of the people” Founded in 1892 A base of political power Demanded reforms to lift the burden of debt from farmers and other workers to give people a greater voice in their government.

3 DOROTHY Dorothy is thought to represent the american people and their values. Another belief is that she represented president theodore roosevelt, because of the similarities in their names. Think: Dor-o-thy, The-o-dore.

4 THE TIN MAN Represents the nations industry workers. How their heart isn’t really in their work, and his rusty condition represents how bad the working conditions were for the workers. He represents the workers that felt like they were being dehumanized, and the government was forcing them to work.

5 THE COWARDLY LION Represented a politician named William Jennings Bryan who supported the free silver movement. Bryan was seen as having all bark but no bite, hence “The Cowardly Lion”

6 THE SCARECROW The scarecrow represents the farmers of the United States. His lack of a brain is supposed to represent the lack of education that most of the farmers had in that time period. They had many troubles late in the 19 th century, but were very honest people just like the scarecrow, who didn’t have a brain but was one of the best problem solvers in the movie.

7 THE WINGED MONKEYS Compared to the Native Americans When immigrants migrated from the east they basically forced the Natives to do what they say.

8 WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST Compared to William McKinley who assassinated William Bryant. (West Coast Banker) She was destroyed by water, the water represents the rain that relieves the mid-west drought and saves farmers. Prevents repossession by the banks

9 THE WIZARD OF OZ He’s a little man with no power that people assume he possesses. He represents the President of the United States. When people realize he doesn’t have the power he seems to they think the Scarecrow (farmers) could make a better president.

10 GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH She wants peace and issues to be fixed in Emerald City. She represents the Southern citizens.

11 YELLOW BRICK ROAD Represents the Gold Standard with the gold leading to power

12 SILVER SLIPPERS Represents Bimetallism This would have the monetary system fixed so the dollar would have both parts gold, and silver. It also may represent the power to vote.

13 EMERALD PALACE AND EMERALD CITY Represents the White House and Washington D.C.

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