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Changing our chapter or council Seven Dysfunctions and how to change them AND “You Make The Call”

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1 Changing our chapter or council Seven Dysfunctions and how to change them AND “You Make The Call”

2 The key issue is… Culture. “What we do when we don’t think about it…the unwritten bylaws…it’s what we are as opposed to what we could or might be” What is the culture of your chapter or council?

3 To understand that culture Is a powerful force. Can be changed. Is a product in part of the members. But you have to ask questions and challenge the way that things are done.

4 1)The elected leader is… Dictatorial Passive Ineffective Can’t/Won’t delegate Committees are dysfunctional Is an amplification device for the organization.

5 Some officers…

6 2) No strategic plan We fear organization. We focus upon the trivial because it is easy. We avoid the challenging, difficult, tough issues. We don’t have time to do it right but we always have time to do it over.

7 3) Meetings are a mess. Start late. Food, beverages, smoking, phones. Repetitious. Boring. No agenda or a “kind of” agenda. No development of the organization. This is your 1 opportunity that week. Make it count.

8 4) The few, the loud, the idiots. We allow the loud to dominate the organization. We bystand while the idiots define our organization. We use terms such as “Brotherly” to justify our inaction. We don’t challenge or push back.


10 5) At the council level… We elect or appoint the youngest and least effective members to governing council representative positions. We neither inspire nor encourage members to move us forward.

11 6) The elephants go unchallenged. It’s always “Next semester” It’s always, “We can’t change quickly” It’s always, “Lowest common denominator”

12 Don’t allow the elephant in the room to stand there. Push it over.

13 We need to push the elephants over

14 7) We are fearful of change. “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional” “Everyone loves progress. No one likes change”



17 The Struggle Bus

18 Get macro. Get micro. Define it.

19 Define it: Make it a sentence or two Some members of the chapter are engaged in hazing. We have a % of members who see ABG as “Beer and men/women” Some members are using drugs. Most members are distant and apart from the institution and the national organization.

20 What are the issues? Eliminate the euphemisms: Kinda, sorta, maybe, like, technically and the generalities…”Nationals university, the campus paper, our alumnae/alumni…” Culture hides in non-specific terms.

21 YMTC: The NIU visit… “Dave, what do you think our major problem is?”

22 Easy. One word. Selfish.

23 Having “That” meeting New Board Member syndrome: “I’m going to go there and straighten them out” Really. Really? We can do better than that.

24 Things to consider Home or Away game Timing Seating Voluntary or Mandatory AV, Handouts Input Elephants

25 Button questions We’re going to reduce NME to six weeks We’re going to eliminate ‘senior standards’ We’re going to change how we operate.

26 Make it an away game Get a room on campus.

27 This?

28 Or this?

29 Voluntary or Mandatory? “If you care, you’re there” Or, “We want all sophomores and freshmen there—optional for others”

30 The Venturi President

31 “Why are we here?” The windshield wiper effect P

32 YMTC: At the University of New Hampshire Wynn Smiley, your CEO, will make a recommendation to your High Council: “Maintain the charter or withdraw or revoke it” Schedule: President @ 2:00; EC @ 3:00; chapter meeting @ 4:00 p.m.

33 Meeting @ 2 p.m. Younger Older EC Younger

34 About 30+ present of 60+ Relatively even distribution among classes on roster. Estimated 15 sophomores, 8-10 juniors, 4-5 seniors present. Whazzup?

35 YMTC: Meeting at Ball State Underperforming. Average 23 on a campus with (at that time) ACS of 60+. Alumni are enablers.

36 Me

37 Change requires: Define the challenges, issues or “opportunities” Gather those who believe Lead Remember that status quo is tough. Motivation comes at different times to different people.

38 And your Ritual is your gps.

39 Thanks, NGLA!

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