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What Is Intelligence?.

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1 What Is Intelligence?

2 What skills or characteristics do “smart people” possess?
Verbal?? Problem Solving? Practical??

3 Has the concept of intelligence changed over time?
Defined: Intelligence is an ability to master information that a culture deems important. Has the concept of intelligence changed over time?


5 Intelligence Quotient Tests
Stanford - Binet: MA/CA X 100 =IQ The Wechsler IQ Test Performance Verbal








13 Typical IQs by Profession
140: Top Civil Servants; Professors and Scientists. 130: Physicians; Lawyers; Engineers School Teachers; Pharmacists; Accountants; Nurses; Stenographers; Managers. 120: 110: Foremen; Clerks; Telephone Operators; Salesmen; Policemen; Electricians. 100+: Machine Operators; Shopkeepers; Butchers; Welders; Sheet Metal Workers. 100-: Warehousemen; Carpenters; Cooks and Bakers; Small Farmers; Truck Drivers. 90: Laborers; Gardeners; Farmhands; Miners; Factory Packers.

14 Problems With IQ Tests Cultural Bias=
Asian American score pts higher than Caucasian Americans, followed by African Americans, and then Hispanic Americans Gender Bias= Traditional education favors males? Do IQ Scores predict “life success ?”

15 Is EQ or IQ a better predictor of life success?

16 Howard Gardeners Theory:
Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic Logic-mathematical Spatial Musical Bodily-Kinesthetic Personal

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