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1 ACADEMIC VOCABULARY How to navigate:
On the slide with list of sentence openings, click on the topic you will use To change topics, click on ……………. to take you back to home list

2 Category Links Expressing an opinion Responding Disagreeing
Soliciting a response Asking for clarification Interrupting Offering a suggestion Predicting Paraphrasing Acknowledging ideas Affirming Holding the floor Reporting a partner’s idea Reporting a group idea Category Links

3 Expressing an Opinion “I think…” “I believe…” “In my opinion…”
“It seems to me that…” “Not everyone will agree with me, but…”

4 Responding “I agree with what _____ said.” “You are right about that.”
“I am not sure.” “That is an interesting idea.” “I had not thought of that before.” “I thought about that also.”

5 Disagreeing “I do not agree with you because…” “I see it another way.”
“My idea is slightly different from yours.” “I have a different answer than you.”

6 Soliciting a Response “Do you agree?” “What do you think?”
“We haven’t heard from ______ yet.” “What answer did you get for number___?”

7 Asking for Clarification
“Could you repeat that?” “Could you say more about that?” “In other words, you think that…(paraphrase)” “Could you give me an example of that?” “I have a question about that.”

8 Interrupting “May I interrupt for a moment?”
“May I add something here?” “I’m sorry to interrupt, but…”

9 Offering a Suggestion “Why don’t you/we…” “Maybe you/we could…”
“Here is something you/we might try….”

10 Predicting “I guess/predict/imagine that…” “Based on…, I infer that…”
“I hypothesize that…”

11 Paraphrasing “So, you are saying that…” “In other words, you think…”
“What I hear you saying is…”

12 Acknowledging Ideas “My idea is similar to/related to ___’s idea.”
“I agree with ____ that…” “My idea builds upon _____’s idea.”

13 Affirming “That’s an interesting idea.” “I hadn’t thought of that…”
“I see what you mean.”

14 Holding the Floor “As I was saying…” “If I could finish my thought…”
“What I was trying to say was…”

15 Reporting a Partner’s Idea
“____ shared with me that…” “____ pointed out to me that…” “____ emphasized that…” “____ concluded that…”

16 Reporting a Group’s Idea
“We decided/agreed that…” “We concluded that…” “Our group sees it differently.” “We had a different approach.”

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