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S3 Useful Expressions.

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1 S3 Useful Expressions

2 Starting a discussion The four-step approach
Greet others and start the discussion Define the topic State your first point Ask for opinions Starting a discussion

3 Expressing an opinion/a point of view
I think … My opinion is that … I’m of the opinion that …(formal!) I feel that … I believe that … In my view/opinion, …(formal!) To my mind, …(formal!) It’s my view that … From my point of view …(formal!) Personally speaking, …(formal!) I have a point to make. Expressing an opinion/a point of view

4 Asking for someone’s opinion
What do you think about …? Do you think that … What’s your opinion of/about …? What’s your idea/ opinion? How do you feel about …? Do you have any views on/about … What’s your viewpoint about … What’s your point of view? In your opinion, …? Asking for someone’s opinion

5 Inviting Suggestions Do you think that’s a good idea?
Are there any (other) suggestions? What else should we do? What would you suggest/recommend? What’s your suggestion/opinion? Inviting Suggestions

6 Making Suggestions How/ What about (verb + ing) …?
I have a suggestion: shall/can we …? I suggest/recommend/think (that) … If I were you/in that situation, I would … Let’s (see/buy/go) … Perhaps we should/ought to … Why don’t we …? Making Suggestions

7 Giving reasons I say this/that … because of/due to/owing to (reason)
I have reasons for saying that: First, … My reason(s) is/are … Giving reasons

8 Giving examples and details
for example/for instance/such as/like … An example (of what I’ve said) is … Here’s an example. Let me explain/elaborate/clarify (my point/what I’ve said). Giving examples and details

9 Agreeing with someone Mild
I suppose so/you’re right. In a way, you’re right. That’s a fair point (to make). To a certain extent, I agree (with you). You could say so.

10 Agreeing with someone Normal
I agree (with you). I think so too. I feel the same too. I support your view. That’s a good suggestion. Yes, you’re right. Agreeing with someone Normal

11 Agreeing with someone Strong
Absolutely!/Exactly!/Indeed! I agree with you entirely. I couldn’t agree (with you) more. I see eye to eye with you (on this point). I’m strongly in favour of this. That’s just/exactly the point. Agreeing with someone Strong

12 Disagreeing with someone Mild
Disagreement with uncertainty and doubt I don’t know about that. Won’t that cause problems when … I’m not so sure about that. I think … You may be right, but I still feel that … Disagreeing with someone Mild

13 Disagreeing with someone Normal
Disagreement with a reason I don’t think so/agree. I think … I’m sorry/ I’m afraid I disagree (with you), because … I’m afraid that idea is not correct/suitable/relevant. Disagreeing with someone Normal

14 Disagreeing with someone Strong
Disagreement with specific opposition I totally disagree with this (idea/suggestion). That argument doesn’t hold good in this case. This won’t work because/unless … Disagreeing with someone Strong

15 Offering an alternative
Another approach to that is … Have you also considered that …? I think otherwise/quite the opposite. Instead of …, I would (try) … On the other hand/On the contrary, I believe that … Will/Wouldn’t it be better to (look at it from another angle) …? Offering an alternative

16 I think we must weigh the advantages against the disadvantages.
In spite of/ Despite (this) …, there are some drawbacks/disadvantages. Let’s look at the other side of the coin/not forget the disadvantages. Let’s consider the pros and cons of … What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of … Weighing Pros and Cons

17 After weighing the pros and cons, I suppose/think …
Although … has an advantage, it does not meet our requirements/criteria. Comparing the two, I like this idea better. Considering all the advantages/points/factors/suggestions, I support/believe … I’d prefer/ I would rather/ I’m in favour of/I’d choose … It’s not an easy choice. But I’d prefer … If you ask me to choose, I would … Emphasising a point

18 Say you don’t understand ! You’ve got the right to do so!

19 Asking for repetition Excuse me, but did you just say that …?
I don’t quite understand. Could you repeat (that/what you’ve just said), please? I’m afraid I didn’t catch your point. Can you say that again? I’m not sure what you mean. Can you say that again? Pardon/I beg your pardon? What did you say? Asking for repetition

20 Asking for explanation and clarification
Can you elaborate (on) that? Can you give an example?/Such as/For instance? What do you mean by …? Why do you think so/that? Asking for explanation and clarification

21 Clarifying an idea I just said (that)/ What I just said was …
I was saying … Let me repeat/Let me say that again. Let me put it in another way. What I mean is … Correcting yourself I’m afraid I have to take back what I just said Sorry, let me correct myself. I mean … Sorry, I didn’t mean that. Actually, I meant … What I actually want to say is … Clarifying an idea

22 Finding the missing words
Asking others for a missing word … I’m not sure how to say it in English. Do you know what it is called? Do you know the word for …? You know (explanation) … What is it called Using words with similar meanings as substitutes (explanation) … you know what I mean? I’m not sure how to say it in English … I mean … I forgot its name in English. What I mean is … Finding the missing words

23 Expressing doubts/hesitation
Hesitating effectively Actually … How should I put it? It seems to me that … I haven’t thought of that before. I mean … Let me think … Right … That’s an interesting question. This is a difficult question. You see … Expressing doubts/hesitation

24 Encouraging someone to speak
Asking for ideas (Are there) any other suggestions? Can you think of (anything else) …? How does that sound to you? You have been a bit quiet. What are your views (on that)? What do you think (of that)? Asking for agreement or preference with hints Do you agree? How/What about …? Which one do you think is better? …or …? Giving encouragement I like your idea. That’s a good idea. You’re right/That’s true. Encouraging someone to speak

25 Interrupting Polite interruption and keeping the discussion on track
I’m sorry, Excuse me, Sorry to interrupt, but can we get back to our topic? I think we’re getting off track. Let’s return to our topic. I’m afraid this is irrelevant to our topic/out of focus. but let’s not get too far off the topic … but we should be talking about … Interrupting

26 Moving on to the next point
Well, Okay, I don’t think there’s anything more to say on this point. I think we’ve covered that point. Let’s move on. I think there’s nothing more for this point. The next point is … let’s move on to … shall we move on to the next point/subtopic? Moving on to the next point

27 Summarising and reaching an agreement

28 Technique 1 Seeking agreement
If no one wants to add anything, let’s sum up our discussion/decisions. Let’s conclude what we have discussed so far. Shall I sum up? We may say that … We all agree that … We have decided to … We have mentioned that … Technique Seeking agreement

29 Technique 2 Directly going into the summary
In short, we may say that … we all agree that … we have decided to … we have mentioned that … To sum (everything) up, The conclusion/In conclusion, …

30 Technique 3 Offering a partial agreement or concession
Both of you are quite right. I admit/suppose you are right … What you said could be true/possible. Let’s combine the two suggestions. How about …? I think we can (improve the plan by) …

31 Technique 4 Postponing making a decision
Both are good suggestions. I think both arguments are sound. It’s a difficult problem. I don’t think we should make a hasty decision. Time is running short. Why don’t we think about it and decide it later? Let’s keep this in mind and we’ll decide it later. Let’s take some time to think about it/consider the alternatives (and we can discuss it later). Shall we discuss it further later? Let’s move on to … Technique Postponing making a decision

32 Ending a discussion So, Well, Okay,
So, Well, Okay, I don’t think there’s anything more to say. Let’s finish the meeting. I think we’ve covered all the items on the agenda/everything. is there any other business? …If not, let’s call it a day. let’s call it a day. that’s the end of our discussion. Ending a discussion

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