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The First Muslim and Wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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1 The First Muslim and Wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Khadija (RA) The First Muslim and Wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

2 Family and Upbringing Born in 555 CE to Khuwayled and Fatima bint Zaida Cousin Waraqa ibn Nawfal, knowledgeable of the Hebrew Torah and Gospel, Khadija’s most important information source Even in the time of ignorance, she led an upright life – known for her chastity, dignity and elegance Often referred to as: Tahira “pure and clean” Sayyida “a great leady” Jayyida referring to her sharp wit and deep insight

3 Marriages Married Abu Hala Hind ibn Zara Two sons, Hind and Hala
Abu Hala Hind died after a short time, leaving his wealth to Khadija Married Atiq ibn Ayidh One daughter, Hala Atiq died shortly after their marriage

4 Divine Direction Khadija had dreams and could see signs of the Prophet
After seeking consultation with Waraqa about one dream: Waraqa: “Good tidings, O cousin! … This dream is undoubtedly a gift from God’s bounty to you. Soon God will grant your home Divine light. Of course, God knows best, but I think it may be the light of the Prophet.” Khadija not satisfied with this explanation, Waraqa continues: Waraqa: “The Last Prophet has entered the world. You will become his family. In your lifetime, he will receive Divine revelation and his religion will encompass the entire universe. You will be the first of his believers.”

5 A Meeting in the Stars In need of personnel for an upcoming caravan to Damascus, Khadija began looking for new employees Having lost his property and thus ability to take care of his nephew, Abu Talib suggests the future Prophet take the job Abu Talib meets Khadija and settles the deal: Abu Talib: “I received news that for this job, you are going to give two camels as wages. My nephew is Muhammad the Trustworthy, and I request double that for him.” Khadija: “Verily you ask for an easy and pleasurable amount. Even if you asked for much more than this, I swear that I would have given that also.”

6 The Caravan Khadija sent Maysara to accompany Muhammad (PBUH), making him promise to carefully watch his every move and to report what he sees upon their return A Notable Business Deal When asked to swear upon idols Lat and Uzza during a business deal the prophet said: “I will never swear by their names, as there is nothing that seems so unlovable to me as these” The same man asked Maysara “Who is this man?” and before he could answer, the man said, “Do not leave his side; undoubtedly, he is the Prophet.” Profitable Business Caravan goods had been sold at the best price, doubling the initial investment

7 The Journey Back A Monk’s Happiness Angel Intervention
The monk Nestor came running to Maysara and asked, “Who is that cooling off under the tree?” Maysara answered and the monk returned, “I swear that none other than a Prophet is sitting beneath that tree!” The monk asked more questions about the Prophet and concluded: “There is no doubt that he is the awaited Prophet. And he is the last of all Prophets” Angel Intervention Maysara saw two angels in the form of clouds protecting and shading the future Prophet

8 The Wedding Khadija had not planned to marry again, but in order to get closer to the future Prophet, decided to marry him Against tradition of the time, she initiated the engagement process: “Oh Muhammad! There is no doubt that I am asking to marry you because of our shared lineage, your incomparable place in our tribe, your good ethics and loyalty and your trustworthiness and honesty. Tell your uncles to step in to finalize the matter.” (via letter) Khadija invited her husband’s wet-nurse Halima as-Sadiya and gave her 40 sheep to thank her for the milk she gave Muhammad

9 A Loving Household

10 Open Doors, Open Hearts Hind (son of Abu Hala Hind) stayed with his mother, even after her marriage to Muhammad (PBUH), to become Rabibar- Rasulullah “trained by the Prophet” In times of famine, Muhammad (PBUH) took in his Uncle Talib’s son Ali, to whom Khadija assumed role of his mother After refusing to leave, the couple adopted Zayd ibn Haritha (originally brought as a slave to Khadija by her nephew) Umm Aymam, the Prophet’s “second mother” (nanny) was one of the inhabitants of the house Zubayr ibn Awwam grew up in the household after his father’s death, later becoming one of the first Muslims

11 A Dedicated Wife Despite being very wealthy, Khadija (RA) preferred to look after the needs of her husband She zealously tired to prevent any discomfort on her husband’s part Khadija (RA) said to her blessed husband: “I would sacrifice my parents for you. I know I would not do this for anyone else but you. I know that you are the awaited Prophet.”

12 The Prophet’s Family 1st Child: son Qasim (b. 598) (died as an infant)
2nd Child: daughter Zaynab (b. 600) (2 grandchildren: Ali and Umama) 3rd Child: daughter Ruqayya (b. 603) (1 granchild, Abd Allah) 4th Child: daughter Umm Qulthum (b. 605) 5th child: daughter Fatima (b. 608) (2 grandchildren: Hasan and Huseyin) 6th Child: son Abdullah (b. 612) (died as an infant)

13 Life after ProphetHood

14 The First Revelation After running home fearful after the first revelation he asked Khadija (RA) to cover him with a blanket and said, “I am frightened of myself.” Khadija (RA) feeling relieved said: “Do not fear at all! God will not do anything to bring you harm! Good tidings, O Muhammad! Persevere and be steadfast! By Him in Whose hand is my soul, I believe that you are the Prophet of this nation. Do not fear! God will undoubtedly protect you. You give support to your relatives, and help and clothe those in need. Truth, and you have totally devoted yourself to all that is good.” Khadija (RA) had no doubt in her beliefs because she had been waiting for this moment

15 The First Muslim In response to Aisha’s (RA) jealousy, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Was there anyone like her? I swear by God that He has not given me anyone as beneficent as she. When people denied me, she believed in me; she affirmed me when people labeled me a liar; when people deprived me, she supported me form her property; and God gave me children through her.” After the Prophet’s (PBUH) return from Hira, Khadija worked night and day confronting the disbelief of the Meccans Whenever she saw two people together she would join them and plead with them to save their eternal life and illuminate their hearts with faith Hosting dinner parties and doing the cooking herself (inviting people street by street) Within a few years all her wealth had been spent

16 Exchanges with Gabriel
After meeting her husband in the mountains with provisions for him, who was accompanied by Gabriel at the time, Gabriel sent the following message to her: “That is Khadija coming, bearing food and drink. When she comes to you, tell her that her Lord greets her, and convey my greetings, too, to her. At the same time, give her good tidings that she will be granted a castle made of pearls in Heaven, where there is neither disturbance nor fatigue” Khadija (RA), calm and reserved, responds: “God is peace, and He is the source of all peace! May God’s peace and blessings be upon you, O Messenger of God. May peace be upon all who has greetings except Satan. And may greetings to be Gabriel.”

17 A Compromising Couple During the Prophet’s (PBUH) stays in the mountains, he and Khadija (RA) made compromises: At times the Prophet (PBUH) would come down to Mecca to gather provisions from home; other times Khadija (RA) would take them to her husband herself In other cases, they would meet at Ijaba Masjid and spend the night there to separate the next day – Khadija (RA) would go home and the Prophet (PBUH) back to the mountain

18 The Boycott Years When exempt from the boycott, she stayed with the Prophet (PBUH), choosing hunger and thirst over comfort She arranged for her nephew to secretly bring goods to the Muslims from what remained of her property

19 Unshakeable Belief Qasim’s Death
Khadija(RA): “O Messenger of God! Qasim’s time has come. I wish his life had been longer so that he could have reached the age of weaning.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “He will finish his nursing years in heaven. If you wish, I can pray to God to make you hear his voice.” Khadija (RA): “No, I need no proof; I accept what God and his Prophet have to say.”

20 Saying Goodbye The Separation of a Blessed Couple
Abu Talib having passed only three days earlier, Khadija was nearing her death The Separation of a Blessed Couple The Prophet (PBUH) opened the curtain to their tent found Khadija moaning in pain from hunger Khadija was thinking of her Prophet and children There was a smile on her face before she parted – but when looking upon her husband watching her from the door of the tent, her smile turned to sorrow The Prophet’s sobs caught in his throat, trembling he come near her and said : “You have suffered all this, Khadija, because of me. You lived a life deprived of what you deserved. But don’t forget, God has willed goodness to follow from every hardship and pain.”

21 Feelings of Separation
A Companion’s Concern A companion before the migration to Medina said: “O Messenger of God, you seem as if you are bent double with sorrow because of Khadija’s absence.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Yes. She was the mother of my children and the mistress of my house.” Fatima’s Question Fatima (RA): “Where is my mother Khadija now? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “In a castle made from bamboo.” Fatima (RA): “Is it the bamboo we know? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “No, no, bamboo decorated with pearls, emeralds, and coral.”

22 Cherished Memories Love for Khadija’s Relatives The Necklace
When with Khadija’s relatives, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would give the cushion he was sitting on to them. When asked why he would answer, “I also love the ones she loved” The Necklace The Prophet’s granddaughter Umama would come to the mosque from time to time and play with her grandfather. On one occasion there was a necklace among some gifts that came to him. He put it on Umana’s neck. It had reminded him of the necklace that Khadija had put on Fatima’s neck years before.

23 References 2004. Haylamaz Resit. Khadija: the first Muslim and the Wife of Prophet Muhammad.

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