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EZpak Office Clipart Starter Kit for Clinical Packaging

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1 EZpak Office Clipart Starter Kit for Clinical Packaging

2 Welcome EZpak Office is a collection of clip-art that makes it possible for anyone to create a realistic packaging diagram or storyboard in just minutes. This Starter Kit for Clinical Packaging includes: An overview of EZpak Office Tutorials Sample packout diagrams Hints and Tips FAQ © 2008 EZpak

3 Overview Using EZpak Office is a three step process: Find packaging elements in the EZpak online model library: Download an EZpak Office document for each packaging element Build your packout diagram by arranging the clipart elements FindDownloadBuild © 2008 EZpak

4 Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit Drag the cap over the bottle neck Notice the layer order needs adjustment Select the cap and use the layer ordering tool to bring the cap to the top layer In this tutorial we have already downloaded a bottle from the EZpak model library. Here we show moving the cap element and changing the layer order.

5 © 2008 EZpak Add a sample label from the EZpak library Select all the elements and use the group command to treat them as a single object Add dividers. Align the bottle by looking at the spacing at the bottom, near the divider edges. Sample labels and dividers are available in the EZpak model library in both image and vector form. The vector labels allow text to be edited on the label. Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit

6 © 2008 EZpak Duplicate the bottle and dividers to start another row. Delete the extra divider. Group these elements and duplicate to create a six pack. Group elements and assemble the diagram from “back to front”. Use the table grid as a guide for aligning objects. Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit

7 © 2008 EZpak Ungroup the right-most two-bottle group and delete the extra dividers When many elements have been added, it is convenient to save the group as a picture. Use the PNG file format to preserve the background transparency. Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit Group the six-pack and use the save as picture command to save a PNG file.

8 © 2008 EZpak Import the PNG file, and use drawing guides to frame the kit box. Each EZpak Office document comes with drawing guides to help you place and align objects. Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit Copy and paste box panels from the drawing guides. Scale the panels and use the edit points command to adjust the panel sizes. Drawing Guides

9 © 2008 EZpak Add a tamper evident seal and box label Vector graphics can be modified using the shape editing tools for coloring and shading. Text rendered in perspective is done using WordArt tools. Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit Modify the label colors, text and placement

10 Use other clips to create top or side views Side and top view clip art is provided with each model in the EZpak library. Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit © 2008 EZpak

11 Assemble kits into a shipper box Tutorial: Building A Bottle Kit This completes the Bottle Kit tutorial. The following slides include additional brief tutorials as well as sample packouts.

12 © 2008 EZpak Tutorial: Using Size References Use easily recognizable reference objects such as this soda can or deck of cards to roughly convey the scale of the packaging elements. Various ‘size hint’ models are available in the EZpak model library.

13 © 2008 EZpak Tutorial: Editing Label Text To modify WordArt, ungroup the sample label geometry so that the text can be selected. Use the edit text command or the layout button on the WordArt toolbar to make your changes. Editing WordArt Text Changing WordArt Orientation

14 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Vial Box Example

15 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Vial Box Example

16 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Vial Box Example

17 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Syringe Box Example

18 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Blister Card Example

19 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Blister Card Example

20 © 2008 EZpak Drawing Guides Blister Card Example

21 Hints and Tips Draw your packaging diagrams “from back to front”, e.g. elements that appear farther away should be drawn first. Hold the shift key down when drawing line segments to snap them to a 30 degree angle. This is the angle at which horizontal and lines appear in the 3D clip art. If your packout diagram starts to contain many elements, save finished groups as images in the PNG format, then import the group as a single image. Use the drawing guides to help align your art, and to create boxes that have the proper angles. If you are having trouble selecting an object on a back layer, try using the TAB key to toggle through individual object selections. Use the Grids and Guides feature of PowerPoint to help align objects horizontally and vertically. Turn off the snap to grid feature of PowerPoint to enable precise placement of objects. Try using PowerPoint custom animation effects to create action such as arranging bottles and applying labels. Use the arrow keys to nudge a selected object or group. When your diagram is complete, delete the floor grid from the slide master for a cleaner picture when printing. © 2008 EZpak

22 FAQ Q: Where can I get more packaging clip art? A: A free sample library is available online at Contact us for a quotation on developing a custom model library for your specific packaging inventory.Contact us Q: Can I apply my own label graphics using EZpak Office? A: Adding your label graphics to the rendered images is a feature of EZpak Desktop – our fully featured 3D modeling system for packaging. Other features of EZpak Desktop include: 3D assembly of packaging diagrams Export of clip art compatible with EZpak Office Export of web-ready interactive 3D models High resolution image rendering and movie export Q: Who is EZpak? A:We are a team of developers, engineers, artists and designers with extensive visualization experience in a variety of fields. Our goal is to help our clients in the packaging industry solve tough communication and design challenges using interactive computer graphics. Visit our website at © 2008 EZpak

23 Try It! Drawing Guides Use this slide to start your design!

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