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Bimetal Plates Produced by with High-impulse Cladding Method

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1 Bimetal Plates Produced by with High-impulse Cladding Method
«Steel Work» We are experts in welding Bimetal Plates Produced by Steel Work LLC with High-impulse Cladding Method 2014

2 High-impulse Method for Bimetal Production
Steel Work LLC is a constantly growing company that does not stop searching for new solutions in various fields of science and technology. In 2013 the company together with the specialists of Paton Welding Institute introduced a new stage of development – high-impulse method (explosion welding) for production of bimetals. Welding parameters for such compositions as “carbon steel + stainless steel”, “steel + copper”, “steel + brass”, “steel + titanium”, and “steel + aluminum” have been developed. Based on these achievements, we have fulfilled first contracts on tube sheets cladding. High-impulse method for production of bimetals is the process that does not need outer heat source. Strong bond between dissimilar metals is formed due to mechanical energy of colliding plates. That is why the method can be considered as “cold” method of welding. Heat affected zone, when optimal welding parameters are applied, is very small as well as time of high temperature influence. It means that, theoretically, it is possible to get the bond between almost all dissimilar metals and alloys.

3 High-impulse Method for Bimetal Production
High-impulse method of bimetal production (explosion welding) is a unique process that allows to get the continuous bond between two or more surfaces of metals at the area of tens square meters. Using this method, it is possible to join virtually all metals and alloys that are applied in industry. Typically, the bond strength is more than strength of weaker metal or alloy in a composition. The method is used for cladding of flat plates as well as of cylindrical surfaces.

4 Explosion Welding Process
1 4 2 3 Parallel scheme of explosion welding process: 1. Flyer plate. 2. Interface. 3. Base plate/. 4. Explosive charge. When explosive charge is initiated, detonation wave travels with a velocity D. Separate sections of flyer plate consistently acquire a velocity of several hundreds meters per a second due to the influence of high pressure expanding explosion products. A flyer plate bends to a certain angle forming oblique impact to a base plate. An additional cleaning of surfaces, their activation, and forming of joint at the velocity Vк with straight or wavy interface occurs as a result of such oblique impact.

5 Benefits of High-impulse Cladding Method
The joint is formed almost instantly. It occurs due to the formation of metallic bonds as a result of plastic deformation of welded metal surfaces. Short duration of the welding prevents diffusion process. This allows to weld metal combinations, which form undesirable metallographic phases such as brittle intermetallic compounds when conventional welding processes are applied. High-impulse method of cladding can be used over large areas that are limited only by the size of sheets to be jointed. Optimal welding process does not change the structure and properties of the original sheet metal except for narrow contact zone. Typically, after the explosion welding bimetal sheets are subjected to heat treatment for stress relief to improve the plastic properties and allow further operations such as flattening, bending, and forming.

6 Benefits of High-impulse Cladding Method
When optimal parameters are applied, mechanical properties of bimetal, in particular tensile strength and shear strength, is higher than they are for weakest component of the composite. Properties of explosively clad bimetals satisfy the requirements of GOST 10885, ASTM A263, A264, A265, EN Several studies of mechanical properties (static strength, impact and cyclic loading, thermal cyclic loading) as well as corrosion resistance of clad sheets proved that explosively clad bimetal can be allowed to use in critical applications in the energy, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries of modern engineering.

7 Explosively Clad Samples
Base layer Cladding layer The bimetal plate (or pipe) obtained by high-impulse method is the composition, in which mechanical strength is provided by base layer of cheap alloys, whereas cladding layer of stainless steel, titanium, brass, zirconium, and other alloys provide corrosion or thermal wear resistance. The thickness of the base plate can range from 1 mm to several hundreds mm. The thickness of cladding may be up to 30 mm. Plate size is limited to the standard one, but it can be increased by welding.

8 The Sphere of Application for High-impulse Cladding Method
Prospects and the applications of high-impulse cladding method are wide and determined by the ability to make solid phase reliable joints. This allows to use the method for: petrochemical and energy machine-building branches for manufacturing of vessels, reactors, columns, heat exchangers, electrolytic baths, high current conductors that operate under the simultaneous influence of temperature, pressure and corrosion environment;

9 The Sphere of Application for High-impulse Cladding Method
pulp and paper industries for manufacturing of digesters, waste tanks, heat exchangers, mixers, etc.; light and food industries for manufacturing of equipment for milk plants, fermentation tanks, dryers; military industry for improving durability of tank and artillery barrels, making armor parts, etc.;

10 The Sphere of Application for High-impulse Cladding Method
aviation and aerospace industries for manufacturing of transition pieces between dissimilar metal elements; shipbuilding for manufacturing of hull transition pieces such as “aluminum + steel”.

11 Thank you for your attention!
Steel Work LLC is a steadily growing company. There are no problems for us! We are working for your business has become even more successful! If you are interested in our products, we will gladly and promptly provide you with additional information and invite you to visit our company . If you already have a concrete offer, we would be grateful if you send us a completed questionnaire, which can be found on our website.

12 Steel Work LLC Mira avenue 50/32, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region,
50069 Ukraine, Contacts: sales department tel/fax: +38(056) ; Executive CEO Igor Bardatskiy mob. tel. +38(098) , Manager of regional development Denis Grishan mob. tel. +38(067) ,

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