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2  Operant Conditioning: a response is followed by a reinforcer that will result in an increase of the response, so the result will occur again  The action will result in a consequence (positive or negative) WHAT IS HIS THEORY?

3 SKINNER BOX This is a Skinner box that he used to research how a mouse would act if it got consequences for different actions.

4 PICTURE The mouse will be successful in the maze if it is rewarded with the cheese.

5  Was born March 20, 1904 and died August 18, 1990  Attended Hamilton college and received a B.A. then later he went to Harvard and received his PhD  He was pointed in the direction of psychology after having an encounter with Watson about behaviorisms ALL ABOUT SKINNER…

6  Neutral Operants  Responses from environment that aren’t positive or negative, so it won’t affect the probability of the response occuring 1

7  Reinforcers  Responses that will increase the likelyhood of that result reoccuring. Can be positive or negative. 2

8  punishers  Response that will decrease the probability of the same response reoccuring. It will weaken the behavior. 3

9  Skinner is similar to Thorndike  Skinner was actually inspired to created the theory of reinforcers from Thorndike’s law of effect SIMILAR TO…

10     www.lifecircles- www.lifecircles- SOURCES

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