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Explore MLM Potential Opportunity in Vietnam

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1 Explore MLM Potential Opportunity in Vietnam

2 The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Mainland Territory: 331,114 sq. km. (127,243 sq. mi.) Population: 90,549,390 (July 2011 est.) National Capital: HanoiHanoi Lying on the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter “S”. Total Length: 1,650KM Width North: 600km Middle: 50Km South: 400Km Coastline: 3,230km long Vietnam is also a transport junction from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

3 Vietnam Government President-- Truong Tan SangPrime Minister--Nguyen Tan Dung National Assembly Chairman--Nguyen Sinh HungMinister of Foreign Affairs--Pham Binh Minh

4 Ethnic groups in Vietnam Kinh 85.7% Tay 1.89% Thay 1.8% Muoang 1.47% Hmong 1.24% Khmer1.46% Nung 1.12% Chinese 0.95%

5 Religions in Vietnam Catholicism (8%-10%) Buddhism (approx. 50%),Cao Dai (1.5%-3%), Islam (0.1%),

6 Vietnam Currency Exchange Vietnam Dong versus: (unit of 100,000) American Dollars: 5USD Singapore Dollars: S$6 Malaysia Ringgit: Rm14

7 Vietnam GDP Growth Rate The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Vietnam expanded 6.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011 over the same quarter, previous year. Historically, from 2000 until 2011, Vietnam's average quarterly GDP Growth was 6.61 percent reaching an historical high of 8.46 percent in December of 2007 Vietnam is a developing economy in the Southeast Asia. In recent years the nation has been rising as a leading agricultural exporter and an attractive foreign investment destination. Vietnam's key products are: rice, cashew nuts, black pepper, coffee, tea, fishery products and rubber. Manufacturing, information technology and high-tech industries constitute a fast growing part of the economy. Vietnam is also one of the largest oil producers in the region

8 CEO: 17-20 million vnd Professional: 9.2 -15 million vnd Banking Officer: 7.6 – 10 million vnd Pharmacy: 6-8 million vnd Food and Textile industry labour worker: 2-4 million Secretary: 2-4 million vnd Approximate average income from States owned companies Officer and employee : 1/3 to 1/5 wages of private sectors hold position. Average Income from Private Sector

9 2 Biggest Cities for MLM Market in Vietnam

10 Hanoi 6.472 million People

11 Ho Chi Minh City 11.163 million People

12 Law on Investment No. 59/2005/QH11 dated 29 November 2005 (“Investment Law”); Law on Enterprises No. 60/2005/QH11 dated 29 November 2005 (“Enterprise Law”); Law on Competition dated 3 December 2004 (“Competition Law”) Currently all foreign invested projects in Vietnam are governed by the following main legal regulations :

13 Decree 88/2006/ND-CP dated 29 August 2006 guiding the Enterprise Law (“Decree 88”); Decree 108/2006/ND-CP dated 22 September 2006 guiding the Investment Law (“Decree 108”); Decree 110/2005/ND-CP dated 24 August 2005 providing on management of multi-level selling activities (“Decree 110”);

14 Decision 10/2007/QD-BTM dated 21 May 2007 issued by the Ministry of Trade (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade – “MOIT”) announcing the roadmap of activities of purchase and sale of goods and activities directly related to purchase and sale of goods (“Decision 10”); Decree 23/2007/ND-CP dated 12 February 2007 providing regulations for implementation of the Commercial Law regarding purchase and sale of goods and activities directly related to the purchase and sale of goods by enterprises with foreign owned capital in Vietnam (“Decree 23”); 1 st,September 2009 allow 100 % Foreigner own

15 And Commitments Vietnam made upon its accession. the WTO (“WTO Commitment”).

16 Understand Network Marketing Potential in Vietnam

17 1998 – MLM Business Start in Vietnam 2004- about 20 companies sell Health care and Beauty care Products in Vietnam 2005- Decree 110 took effect * legal framework form to protect true companies and distributors * Administration of multi-level selling activities. in

18 October, 2009, Vietnam Multi-level Marketing Association was established Appointed Truong Thi Nhi (General Director of Forever Living Products Vietnam as presidentForever Living Products

19 In 2011, for many reasons, multi- level marketing broke out powerful and created a wave in Vietnam

20 2011 Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Announce 63 enterprises are granted registration of Multi-level Marketing License. Hanoi : 30 Ho Chi Minh City : 29 Dong Nai province: 02 Binh Duong province : 01 Hai Duong province: 02

21 Some 100% Owned MLM companies in Vietnam

22 100% Owned MLM Companies in Vietnam Tiens Avon

23 100% Owned MLM Companies in Vietnam AmwaySynergy Vietnam

24 100% Owned MLM Companies in Vietnam

25 There are only 700,000 Network Distributors in Vietnam today

26 Tax Collected in Vietnam 2010 Tax Paid to Government 412, 288 Billion Vietnam Dong (Around 20 Million USD Dollar) Revenue not tax: 2,663,869 Billion Vietnam dong ( 133 Million USD Dollar)

27 In 2010, Multi- level Marketing got 2252 billion profit, (113 Million USD) Increased 4 times compared with 614 billion (31 Million USD) the 4 previous years.

28 MLS Application Setting-up MLS Company Product License Application Safety and Hygiene Certificate

29 Explore MLM Potential Opportunity in Vietnam

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