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GHS Implementation in Vietnam

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1 GHS Implementation in Vietnam
GHS Review Conference for Southeast Asia GHS Implementation in Vietnam Present by: Vietnam Chemicals Agency Kuala Lumpur, May 2013

2 Content Overview of Vietnam Chemicals Industry and Vietnam Chemicals Agency GHS Implementation in Vietnam The challenges

3 Overview of Vietnam Chemicals Industry and Vietnam Chemicals Agency

Average Annual Growth Rate (1990 – 2004): %; – 2008: 10%; 2009: 6%; 2010: 15%, 2011: 11%, 2012: 5%. Sector Contribution: 10,5% Industrial Production Value More than 10% Industrial Labor Force Priority Sub – Sectors: Fertilizer; Petrochemical; Basic Chemicals; Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Fertilizers & Agrochemicals; Plastics; Basic Chemicals; Rubber Products; Household & Personal Care Products; Cells & Batteries; Ind. Gases &Welding Electrodes; Paints & Pigments; Chemical Minerals; Petrochemicals; Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

6 Chemical management policy in Vietnam Stakeholders
Government MOIT MARD MOD MOST MOH MOLISA MoNRE Leader Ministry

7 Chemical management policy in Vietnam
Agency Basic chemicals Pesticide Pet medicals Radia. materials Exp. Mater. Medical drugs Food addi. MOIT MARD MOH MOST MONRE MOD Peop. Comm. MOIT: Ministry of Industry and Trade; MARD: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; MOH: Ministry of Health; MOST: Ministry of Science and Technology; MONRE: Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment; MOD: Ministry of Defense; Peop. Comm.: People Committe

8 Vietnam Chemicals Agency
Jan. 2009 MOIT Dep. of Science and Technology Dep. of Heavy Ind. Dep. of International Cooperation Ministry Inspectorate MOIT Vietnam Chemicals Agency State management on chemicals industry

9 GHS implementation

10 GHS implementation Decision No.178/1999/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister August 30, issue labeling regulations on domestic and imported goods Circular No. 34/1999/TT-BTM guide decisions No. 178/1999/QD-TTg about labeling regulations for domestic goods and goods imported or exported by the Ministry of Commerce issued Circular No. 04/2000/TT-BCN labeling a product of the industrial sector by the Ministry of Industry; Circular additional guidance and revised some content 04/2001/TT-BCN Circular dated and Circular dated /2000/TT-BCN of Ministry of Industry leads to labeling the product manufacturing industry; Directive No. 07 / 2001 of the Ministry of Fisheries (now the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ) Prohibit the use of chloramphenicol and manage the use of chemicals , veterinary drugs in aquaculture production; Decision No.1452/2002/QD-BYT Decision on issuing the list of chemicals, pesticides products and disinfectants are allowed to register to use , but registration is limited uses , prohibited uses in sector and medical appliances in Vietnam in 2002 by the Ministry of health;

11 GHS implementation Decision No. 145/2002/QD-BNN on the issuance of regulations on registration procedures, production, processing, bottling, packing, export, import, trade, storage, transport, use and destruction, human medicine, packaging, packing, seminars, advertising plant protection drugs by the Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development issued; Decree 13/2003/ND-CP stipulating list of dangerous goods, transport of dangerous goods by road; Circular 02/2004/TT-BCN about List of dangerous goods, transport of dangerous goods by road issued by the Ministry of Industry , to guide the implementation of Decree No. 13/2003/ND-CP dated 19/02/2003 of the Government " list dangerous goods, transport of dangerous goods by road “ Decree No. 68/2005/ND-CP of May 24, 2005 of the Government on Chemical Safety; Decree No. 89/2006/ND-CP on labeling

12 GHS implementation Chemical Law: Date of issue: the law was passed on November 21, 2007 and entered into force in 2008 The Decree No. 108/2008/ND-CP dated October “Detailed regulation and guideline of implementation of several articles in Law of chemicals” was issued by government. The Decree No. 39/2009/ND-CP dated 23/04/ of the Government on management of industrial explosive materials. Decree No. 90/2009/ND-CP dated October 20th, of the Government on administrative punishment of chemical activity. 12

13 GHS implementation Decree No.15/2010/ND-CP dated March 1st, 2010 of the Government on administrative punishment in the production, trading of fertilizers. Circular 28/2010/TT-BCT dated 28/6/2010 guiding on implementation of Chemical Law and Decree 108/2008/ND-CP dated 07/10/2008. Decree 26/2011/ND-CP amending and supplementing some articles of Decree No. 108/2008/ND-CP dated 07/10/2008 of the Government detailing and guiding some articles of Chemicals Law Circular 30/2011/TT-BCT date 10/8/2011 Temporary regulation on the limitation of some hazardous chemicals in electrical and electronic product Circular 39/2011/TT-BCT dated 16/11/2011 on Regulation for Chemicals declaration. Circular 04/2012/TT-BCT dated 13/02/2012 on Guiding on Labeling and Classification for Chemicals compliance with GHS

14 GHS implementation Vinachemia in cooperation with Sweden Chemicals Agency held workshop “guideline for implementation of chemicals classification and labeling in global harmonized system” Awareness Raising Seminar on GHS and GHS implementation. Sent staffs participating in the training course related with GHS or Chemicals safety Issued Circular 04/2012/TT-BCT dated 13/02/ on Guiding on Labeling and Classification for Chemicals compliance with GHS

15 Challenges Lack of technical guideline. Management activities
Attitude of enterprise on chemicals risk management and risk assessment. Lack of coordination and cooperation; Information exchange;

16 Thank you for your attention!
Thank you for your attention!

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