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Tanzania Dairy Value Chain Coordination Meeting Amos Omore Nairobi, 10 Feb 2014.

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1 Tanzania Dairy Value Chain Coordination Meeting Amos Omore Nairobi, 10 Feb 2014

2 Objectives Based on a quick review of where we are now and what is planned: a)Share what will be done by who and when b)identify areas for synergies in implementation c)List outputs in 2014, with links to CRP outputs d)Develop a common work plan across activities

3 Research & piloting partnerships (e.g., MoreMilkiT, MilkiT; SFFF2; new proposals) LaF/A4HN planning Big Picture: Place of LaF/A4HN R4D in ‘Maziwa Zaidi’ Goal: More milk, income, assets and better health & nutrition thro’ a)access to quality inputs and services b)access to reliable, well-coordinated, marketing arrangement c)access to quality, safe and nutritious products at affordable prices Scaling out development partnerships (e.g., EADD2? + +) Time10 years LaF/A4HN Strategic Research Scaling out development partnerships (e.g., EADD2)

4 Big Picture: Links to LaF VCD theme 2014 focus is on generation of evidence from targeted research and pilot of interventions

5 L&F Generic outputs and implications for Tanz in 2014 Priority VCD Research outputs (with links to other LaF theme and A4HN outputs) Implications for Tanzania / delivery mechanisms 1.Methods, models and tools for rapid VC assessment developed 2. “Best bets” piloted, validated and refined 3.Mechanisms for scaling up and out the successfully tested strategies for upgrading VC Funded o Main: MoreMilkiT 2 (Irish Aid) o MilkIT – Feeds (IFAD) o SFFF 2 (BMZ); RIA (ACIAR) - FS o CGP– Gender (IDRC) o Cow Killer Proposals submitted in 2013 MoreMilkiT 2 (Irish Aid) - funded EADD2 - funded AgriTT - Genetics/SNP – funded SPIA – Waiting CultiAf – Food security/nutrition Waiting VCD Outcome: Stakeholders are aware of and actively promoting pro-poor, gender- sensitive strategies that are improving productivity and profitability, and increasing animal-source food consumption among poor consumers LaF Value Chain Development

6 Pilot villages

7 List of Contributors to Tanzania Dairy 2013/14 ILRI Amos (VC coordination + AH & Food safety+, CRP3.7/4.3) Isabelle, James (Irish Aid, SPIA) Silvia, Rosel, Delia, postdocs (Food safety, SFFF2) Brigitte, Ben, Fred, Alan (Feeds, MilkIT) Julie, Okeyo, James (Breeding, DGEA) Silvia, Alice (Animal health, Cow Killer, MoreMilkiT) Michael (Impact pathway) Alessandra (Gender through CGP, MoreMilkiT) Salim (consultant, MoreMilkiT) Edgar Twine (MoreMilkiT) New staff (EADD2) Diana Iddo (CapDev) Nat Research and Dev Partners SUA (IrishAid Project Coordinator) Heifer – Tanzania, FAIDA MaLi, SNV(MoreMilkiT piloting) TALIRI & SUA –Tanga (MilkIT) Tanzania Dairy Board (MoreMilkiT) EADD2 partnerships MLDF, SNV, LoL, Private sector (partners in DDF) Irish Researchers at Teagasc, UCD (students, still exploring options) BfR – Germany; RVC (SFFF2) NUPI - Norway Students: SUA, Bonn, Nbi, Emory, Queensland

8 Outputs and Activities in 2014 More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkiT) Project

9 Plans to achieve objectives: 2013-16 1. Develop scalable value chains approaches with improved organization and institutions Output 1.1Vibrant, well organized, and sustainable DMHs delivering demand-led inputs and services developed (Led by Heifer & Faida Mali) – Establish DMHs: – Operate the DMHs: Output 1.2DMHs governance strategies strengthened through non-formal trainings (Led by Heifer and FAIDA MaLi) – Strengthening actors and their organisations Output 1.3DMHs assessments undertaken and used for improving the performance of dairy value chains – DMHs assessments (e.g., adapting and applying stage-gating tool) - serving development pilot in real-time Targeting 30 villages with 4800 cattle keepers across 4 districts: More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkiT) Project

10 Plans to achieve objectives: 2013-16 2. Generate and communicate evidence on business and organizational options Output 2.1DMHs act as platforms for generating and communicating evidence on business and organisational options for increased participation of resource poor men and women in the dairy value chains – Targeted research: serving development pilot in real-time – Gender analysis and gender mainstreaming of DMHs Output 2.2Value chain governance strategies strengthened to generate, package, and communicate information critical to DHMs rollout – Improving quality assurance services and communication Output 2.3Evidence of DMHs as viable and sustainable dairy value chain development models generated and communicated – Assessment of the efficiency of integrating small-scale informal value chain into the formal and development of scaling out strategies – Delivery of learning products - serving development pilot in real-time More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkiT) Project

11 Plans to achieve objectives: 2013-16 3. Inform policy on appropriate role for pro-poor smallholder-based informal sector value chains in dairy sector development Output 3.1Lessons for sustainable value chain development through evidence-based research, monitoring and evaluation, and recommendations for scaling out developed and disseminated – Generation and communication of evidence and lessons – Advocacy – Final evaluation Cross-cutting Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation framework More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkiT) Project

12 Dairy Market Hubs (DMHs) with emphasis on improving access to inputs and services through business development services (BDS) and check-off arrangements: a) DMHs revolving around chilling plants or accessing them (if under-utilized) through transport arrangements that provide both outputs marketing and inputs and services through check-offs; b) DMHs revolving around check-offs for inputs and services provided through milk traders; and c) DMHs revolving around check-offs for inputs and services provided through cattle traders. Piloting of adapted hubs to be main focus in 2013-16 More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkiT) Project

13 Criteria for becoming a dairy market hub defined Hub for provision of inputs and services on credit without collective bulking and marketing

14 Monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) framework for pilot projects developed; 1 st monitoring survey soon Several targeted research activities and ex-ante assessment of interventions initiated, some through students Impact pathway and MLE framework developed More Milk in Tanzania (MoreMilkiT) Project

15 Most findings re-affirm VCA findings, with figures Commercialising the marginalised will mostly be about feed, less so other constraints! Baseline (benchmark) results available

16 It is evolving and continuing to catalyze policy dialogue for a pro-poor transformation of the dairy value chain… DDF Update

17 MoreMilkIT Workplan for 2013/14

18 MoreMilkIT Hubs Establishment Workplan Jan-Jun 2014

19 Overall Tanz VC Workplan for 2014 Gannt Chart for coordination & communication

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