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Maggie Bamford Employment Advisor.

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1 Maggie Bamford Employment Advisor

2 Your CV is your advert - it is used to help you sell your skills
Advertising Yourself Your CV is your advert - it is used to help you sell your skills

3 Today's Aims... Why have a CV? What an effective CV should include
The different types of CVs and when to use them Targeting CVs How to address and demonstrate the points on a job description

4 What is a CV For? NOT just a list of things you have done
A tailored and relevant picture of your experience and qualifications A tool for advertising yourself and your skills to an employer **Ask Group ** What does Tailored mean to you?

5 Different Types of CV Chronological/Traditional Skills Based Hybrid
Briefly go through different types Use CV booklet for examples

6 Before You Begin....

7 The Job Description should write your CV
Look at the job description: What skills would you highlight for this role? What experience do you have that you think would be relevant? What type of person are they looking for? How could you find this information out? The employer will also have their own requirements for each role. Check company website E.g. Values etc...

8 Research, Prepare, Research, Prepare
Before putting fingers to keyboard or pen to paper, do your RESEARCH: Job Company Sector And.....research YOURSELF: Know your SAKE Skills Abilities Knowledge Experience

9 Preparation makes perfect
Reflect on what you have to offer: Research what they want: what does the company require? Check their websites, news items & recruitment websites. Are they coming on campus soon? Understand the specific job role: the job description & the person specification Plan enough time before the closing date

10 Remember... CVs: are subjective
should be tailored to each job description should be no longer than 2 pages should communicate effectively to all audiences. There is no right or wrong way Use your own style depending on the role Don't copy examples

11 What to include in your CV...

12 at the top - this is your heading (Not 'CV')
Contact Details Your Name at the top - this is your heading (Not 'CV') Address/ /Telephone Blog or websites - great way to highlight skills and abilities LinkedIn/Twitter - if relevant to the role & will remain clean No need for status/age/gender/nationality etc.

13 Personal Statements Punchy Attention Grabbing Unique to you
You don't have to have a personal statement but if you want one it needs to be: Punchy no more than 2-3 lines Attention Grabbing Achievement focused, relevant work experience Unique to you If you could copy and paste it to another student then you haven't been specific enough Example: 'Final-year journalism student with particular interest in seeks graduate role in radio. 2 years experience in industry and winner of/ particularly skilled in......

14 Education and Qualifications
Keep it relevant Your Degree full course title relevant modules (4-8 and grades if you want) overall predicted grades (e.g. Predicted 2.1) information about particular projects if they are relevant Reverse chronological order e.g. from your degree back to A-Levels, then GCSEs With different or international qualifications, show equivalents (9/10, equivalent to 280 UCAS points etc.) No need to list all GCSEs just how many taken and grades obtained e.g. 9 GCSEs grade A-C or 1A, 6Bs, 3Cs

15 Include ALL relevant history & experience
Work Experience Include ALL relevant history & experience Reverse chronological order Focus on responsibilities and achievements, mention your duties briefly but highlight the skills you have gained Use STAR method as a guide to ensure you are being detailed in your examples

16 Work Experience (2) can include projects in your degree and volunteering projects are a great way to show off experience (particularly if you have less relevant work experience) Can include separate sections e.g. "Relevant Experience" then later "Additional Work Experience" Refer to CV examples for layout ideas.

17 Work Experience & Transferable Skills
You need to be specific about your work experience If not directly relevant to the role, you need to identify 'Transferable Skills' & qualities Think about skills & competencies you have gained through your: Work Experience Placements Internships Volunteering Societies Clubs Hobbies ...and so on These could include: Communication Teamwork Analytical skills Prioritisation Initiative Creativity Interpersonal Skills ...and so on "

18 Employer Tips Your degree will get you to the table, but its the extra things you can offer that will get you through the door" "We are looking for the 'right people' - what else can you offer us beyond your degree?"

19 Employer Tips 2 "It is particularly impressive if you have been developing blogs, professional use of social media in your own time" "Use key words relevant to our industry - make it clear you are right for us"

20 The STAR Method Situation & Task Action Result How to use STAR for CVs
Be Brief Situation & Task Action Result BRIEF outline Specific details of what, how and why you took action you did What was the outcome? Quantity? Quality? What did you learn?

21 'Cleaning the Kitchen' - A brief STAR example
S: My family were visiting me for the weekend T: I needed to clean my kitchen A: I scrubbed the floors, diligently cleaned the hob, wiped the surfaces, took out the bins, covered the burn mark on the floor with a rug... R: My family were very pleased and took me to lunch for my efforts.

22 Awards and Achievements
Any academic awards Any recent or particularly interesting achievements Skills you have gained from other areas that are relevant to the job you are applying for Member of any relevant professional societies

23 Interests Any interests that may be relevant to the employer
A great way to: show your personality show that you are a rounded candidate be memorable Don’t just list them – give more details for each

24 Employer Tips "Keep it brief but intriguing; I'm interested in your interests, but not that interested" "Something to attract attention - makes them an individual. I once had two candidates with very similar CVs; one of them said he did Skydiving in his spare time and I thought, great, that’s interesting, I'll interview him".

25 References Include one academic and one professional referee
Include their contact details including: Name, job title, company, address and telephone number It is usually acceptable to put ‘Available on Request’ if you have run out of space But if you have good, relevant referee, include him/her - ASK THEM FIRST!

26 Attention to Detail Accuracy and professionalism is vital for 1st impressions Most employers will reject CVs that contain any errors It is vital that you proofread and get it checked. Employer Tip "If I see even one spelling error it goes in the bin - if they can't be bothered to perfect their CV, how do I know they will have attention to detail when working for me - I can't take that risk."

27 Relevant Recent Creative Concise
Remember to keep it... Relevant Recent Creative Concise

28 A Brief Guide to Cover Letters

29 Cover Letters Overall No more than A4 page Tailored to the job
Be specific about your skills and experience Be specific about the company Layout Include your address (top right), their address (top left) and the date. Try to send it to a named person (or Dear Sir or Madam) End formally Yours Faithfully for Dear Sir/Madam Yours Sincerely for named person

30 Cover Letter Example Layout
All in ONE A4 page Employer's Address Your Address Date Employer's Name (or Dear Sir or Madam)

31 Use the 4 paragraph Structure
Positive Introduction Tell them what you are applying for and give a brief overview of yourself. Why you? Why should they hire you? What about you is great? What skills and experience do you have that are relevant to the role? Why Them? Why have you picked them of all the companies out there? Do your research - What appeals / excites you about them? What projects have they done in the past? Relate your own skills to these - Be specific. Positive Conclusion Leave them with a good final impression of yourself. For example, why do you want to use your mechanical engineering degree in the rail industry specifically? What’s the appeal of following a commercial route rather than a more technical one?

32 Why are CVs rejected? Not tailored to the job
Spelling mistakes, typos and poor grammar The initial impression of your CV Incorrect contact details The way your information is organised Poor layout and presentation Length (too long or too short)

33 Summary Your CV is an advert for you Focus on your achievements
It needs to be tailored to each different job description Include relevant skills and experience All CVs require a cover letter Get it checked

34 Some Good Resources

35 CV Builder Software Software that can help give you in setting up your CV - but you will need to get it checked by an Adviser SHUspace → Employability Tab → Careers and Employment (lefthand Side) CV → Help with CVs → CV Builder Software ** Will not produce perfect CV - need to get it checked by Careers before sending off **

36 Preparation Resources
Reflect on what you have to offer: use online resources e.g. Careers Central - Skills: Prospects What jobs would suit me? TargetJobs Career and Skills report: Research what they want: Check their websites, news items and recruitment websites Prospects Company Profiles: TargetJobs Employer information: SHU Jobs & Events (is the company on campus soon?) Understand the specific job role: Focus on the job description & the person specification Plan: Plan enough time before the closing date and to get it checked

37 CV and Cover Letter Resources
SHUspace → Employability Tab → Careers and Employment (left Side) → Help with CVs Target Jobs Great for industry specific support The Guardian Careers Website Great for articles, news, live chat Doing a Creative CV? CV Parade Creative CV Guide Highlight How to create a winning CV guide book Prospects Careers Centre (if refreshed) Employment Advisor appointments

38 CV Action Words Ability Implemented Redesigned Achieved Instigated
Represented Analysed Introduced Researched Administered Ingenuity Stability Arranged Initiative Stimulated Budgeted Judgement Supervised Calculated Lasting Surpassed Completed Launched Thorough Conceived Liaised Trained Conducted Maintained Created Managed Successfully.... Designed Merit More than...years extensive experience in.. Determined Negotiated Developed Organised In charge of... Devised Performed Instrumental in... Enthusiasm Persuaded Constant interaction with... Enhanced Planned Responsible for... Evaluated Presented Excelled in.... Formed Progress Competent at.... Guided Promoted Established... Guaranteed Recommended Promoted...

39 Faculty based one to one interviews
Maggie Bamford Employment Adviser Where? Cantor 9300 When? Wednesday Thursday :00 (alternate weeks) Friday How? Cantor Reception

40 Any Questions?

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